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Bulking Question: Cardio and Carb Cutoffs


hey, i have been bulking for about 3 months. i have gone from 210 - 227.
my lifts have gone from:
bench 5x185 to 1x220
squat 245 to 275
box squat 265 to 295
deadlift 350 to 370

i know my lifts are still brutal but they are going up fast now.
other stats:
i'm 17, about 6'2 and i am currently following WS4SB, but working up to a pair of singles instead of a triple

i'm just wondering if it is a good idea to include cardio or just do a carb cutoff around 6pm because i think i may be putting on weight a little to fast compared to how quickly my lifts are increasing

any input is appreciated


Are you just putting on weight fast or putting on fat fast? If your putting on weight fast and strength is going up but...you aren't really getting fatter, i would definitely keep going man.


it's better to control caloric intake rather than having to add additional 'cardio' workouts just to spend the extra energy


You're going to need those carbs, especially if your training to strength.

Appropriate timing of carbohydrates will play an important role in your recovery and replacing your glycogen stores. Consume some fast digesting or high glycemic carbs within that first half hour post workout. As time progresses further and further away from the completion of your workout, consume less and less carbohydrates.

Some of those gains are not lean muscle, be more conscious about your dietary intake and your unwanted weight gain will slow.


Look into DeFranco's "Built Like A Badass" -an updated version of WS4SB with a conditioning element added on to the workouts


yeah you could cut off carbs at night...but, you should realize that you are simply reducing calories which should slow the weight gain...the carbs at night are not the reason you are gaining fat...it is the overall amount of calories you are consuming which is causing excess fat gain...

if you cut carbs at night, i would just eat the protein source with no added fats...ie 8 oz ground beef with vegetables

i honestly believe most people on here get fat because they eat too much fat...they see tons of articles on here telling them to eat fat, but they are eating way more than they need too...excess fat will make you fat contrary to what you read...

btw i thought defrancos program was based on doing 3-5 rep range for max effort lifts? i would stay away from singles unless you are a powerlifter...