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Bulking Q&A by People that are BIGGER than YOU


I dont usually like starting threads. basically, i dont want to get blamed for adding another place for people to post dumb shit and add to the madness! but we've had several bulking threads started to ask specific questions (that have been answered 1000 times before but who cares). most of them have been derailed by people arguing pointlessly. this leads to cluttered pages of information mixed in with garbage. its hard to see the forest from the trees and a lot of people are having trouble synthesizing whats important.

my solution is to start this thread: a Q&A of sorts but there has to be some rules in order to keep this thread on track. in my mind there are three:

1) read the whole thread before posting a question in order to cut down on repeated questions

2) we have to come to an understanding of WHO should be answering the questions. my suggestion is to pick the more prominent members of the board that have shown they know whats up and hope that they agree to answer our questions.

3)leave it to the "experts" to disagree. if you ask a question and you disagree with the answer, dont argue for the sake of arguing. chances are, if you are given misinformation another one of the "experts" will disagree as well. if nobody does, its probably you that is wrong.

lets try and do something productive here!


I take it you are an official moderator that has power to enforce a judgment on who deserves to answer questions and whether their answer is good or not?


This cant work in an open forum.

How bout you just post your thoughts and leave it for others to decide if they want to abide or not.



well thats kind of shitty but thats fine. i just thought it would be good to try something a bit different. take it for what it is, an attempt to improve the community.


If you look at the threads started by MODOK in the Alpha Cell, this has already been done, in a way. Most questions that would be asked here, have already been answered by the big guys there.

Look for the Alpha Cell Roundtables.



I agree with Bonez.

You would have to "interview" people and then post it.

Or like X did a couple times in the Cell: "newb question of the week"

Or like LR said, link to MODOK's thread.

I like where your head is at though.


thanks for the encouragement beans! your one of the people that im referring to that needs to not have their posts lost in a sea of crap.


If you want me to post something as a "Newb question" in the T-Cell, just pm me the question.


I liked that idea a lot actually.