Bulking Program Suggestions

About to go into my first long, serious bulk. Have a programme in mind, and would really appreciate some input from the other members. The programme is a 4 day split, and will look something like this:

Day 1 am - Back BB squats, BB Bench Press
Day 1 pm - Ab Wheel Rollouts, Standing Calf Raises

Day 2 am - Deadlifts, Weighted Chin-Ups
Day 2 pm - Power Shrugs, Grip work

Day 3 - rest

Day 4 am - Front Squats, DB Bench Press/DB Flyes (undecided), Good Mornings
Day 4 pm - Hanging leg raises, calf exercise 2

Day 5 am - Military Press/overhead shrugs superset, Parallel Rows
Day 5 pm - Biceps exercise, lateral raises

Days 6, 7 - rest

I’ve tried to seperate exercises that use the same muscles: e.g. day 5, rows in the a.m. and an isolation bi exercise in the evening. Is this the right way to go about this?

I also tried to make the workouts more frequent than I’m used too, but also “short and sweet.” Should I be doing more compound exercises?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

That looks like a ridiculous and terrible program for building muscle. I suggest you do something simpler and more traditional. A tried-and-true method.

[quote]mr popular wrote:
That looks like a ridiculous and terrible program for building muscle. I suggest you do something simpler and more traditional. A tried-and-true method.[/quote]

Haha! I appreciate you being frank. The thing is, I’m going to start working full-time, and getting off pretty damn late; hence, I want to do am-pm splits, getting the tougher work out of the way in the morning.

I was thinking of running HST, but I will probably have to take a week-long break in a month’s time, making a 2-month cycle impossible.

Is there any specific tried-and-true method that I could run in my circumstances? i.e. 30 minute a.m. workouts + 30 minute p.m. workouts, 3/4 times a week?


You really can’t free up an hour, maybe an hour and a half 3-5 times a week? You have to split it up like that?

Traditional splits are things like:
upper/lower …
chest delts tris/back legs bis …
push/pull/legs …
chest/back/delts&arms/legs …

In general bodypart splits that pair up muscle groups that contribute to the big exercises all at once - like chest and triceps, and quadriceps and hamstrings - setup to hit each muscle group as frequently as you can with your own personal ability to recover.

Honestly though, AM/PM splits done in that way really aren’t ideal.

Well, I found two programs that are suited to my available time.

The first is Total Body Split Training by CW. It fits a lot better with my schedule, requires less time, and is more in line with what I wanted in a programme. On the negative side, there’s little feedback on it.

The other programme is stripped-down hypertrophy. It’s less convenient, and, to be honest, seems a little scary. On the positive side, there’s a wealth of positive feedback, and it might be more appropriate for me, as it focuses on compound lifts which will probably = more mass, faster.

I might just do 4-8 weeks of each for my bulk. Still, if anyone has additional advice that’ll help me make the right choice, please speak up.