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Bulking Problem


I started bulking clean, but my only problem that is killing me is that my butt is starting to get bigger comparing to my upper body, my lower body is actually bigger than my upper. I have made a whole diet once and lost a'lot of weight cause of my butt started to get a bit big, well it's not that big but it's noticable when u walk.

I heard that one of the reasons might be because of playing a'lot of squats, I love playin heavy squats, although it might be my type of body. I really need to bulk up, but just dont want to get my butt to get bigger and bigger utleast not unbalanced with my upper body!!!!! any ideas please!


I actually stopped BB squatting because as far as feeling the muscles work I only felt it in my ass and my ass was getting way bigger than my quads/hams...I've found that the leg press and hack squat machine are much better for me for quad development.

I'm sure someone will chime in and say I'm a retard for dropping BB squats - but they can blow me. Just wanted to get that out of the way.


thnx for the reply man, just can't stop squating damn, that's sick


Do some heavy singles and doubles and hop on the leg press for quads. Can't be that hard.


I've had the same issues and I found dumbell lunges to be quite helpful in giving me a good workout. They also work the inside parts of your quads which most people never hit.


wana hear the worst part. I'm preparing for a powerlifting compatetion so can't stop, but still dont wana look like an orc lol


mmm..why would you think that? The general only time people do that is when people drop them for another arbitrary reason. Dropping them because they are causing you to grow in places you don't want to is a good reason to drop any exercise.


Switch back squat for front squat. Back squat is the reason why ass gets big.


Great advice zraw! As you are involved in powerlifting alablangy, working on the front squat should help on your leg imbalances, and boost your back squat at the same time.


Oh I wasn't expecting anyone experienced to get on me...I was expecting some 150lber who reads too many internet articles to call me out for it. lol

And good idea on the front squats Zraw...I loved front squats before I broke my collar bone - going to be trying them out in the smith once I start to plateau on the hack squat machine.


Embrace the squatters ass!

I still find i get alot of glute recruitment with fronties, potentially because i go very low.


Was my advice bad or anything? It seems like everyone overlooked it. Heavy low repetition work will not stimulate much growth but should still let your strenght increase for the meet.

It will also give you room for a lot of high rep accessory excercises that will let the rest of your lower body cath up to your arse. Then after the meet you can drop squats if you don't like powerlifting.


bitches love the ass


yo bro your retarted why would you drop bb squats i mean come on Chad Waterbury does em. Lol jk had to do it.


Yea I stopped doing back ages ago and moved to front my my ass is still fucking huge.

Its like it all goes to my ass and not my quads. I work out at home so I don't have all the fancy shit. I might start getting into sissy squats though.


I'll start trying the front Squats for sure, but just can't stop the bb Squats because of the meet. I might just stick with 3x3 bb squats heavy and do the rest as front Squats.


My ass got big to man. You know how you do 3x squats and 1x deadlift on these strength programs? (pendlay)

Would I be good to do 3x deadlift and 1x squat then? Hell my gf is getting jealous of my big muscular ass/.


I have the same problem but I embrace it. Women love a nice ass. That being said when I get to the end of a long bulk I've usually switched up to front squats.


Glute tissue once built up cannot be easily lost aside, according to Gironda. If you gained a bigger butt from back squatting, chances are its with you for life.
Front squats will ALSO build up the glutes due to the slight forward lean of upper body. Sissy squats and zane leg presses are the only way to qord quads with extremely limited to none glute/ham recruitment.

Also thats NOT a bad thing at all as far as the ladies are concerned. Most women are turned off by a guy with a flat or non-existent ass (unless you're esk....I assume), and as long as youre not carrying too much fat in the area, it will usually help your "efforts".


More than often when the glutes seem too big, its because the hamstrings are lagging.Focus on deadlifts to bring up this weakness, and bring up your upper body.Do twice as much work for your upper body as you do for your lower.If your shoulders, chest and lats are wide, you will always create an illusion that you have a small waist and glutes.