Bulking Plan Help

I’ve been bulking relatively clean and have managed
to go from ~185 to ~205 in ~two months.

Looking to get up to 220-225 by the end of the year.

Once I get there not sure how long to maintain

The following is from the popular bulking article on here:

"Much like a lifter goes on post-cycle therapy after using anabolics, a sufficient period of time must elapse before you can fully switch over to cutting. You almost have to allow your body to get used to the new level of muscle mass before you start tinkering with low calorie levels.

Think about it. Our bodies are designed to resist change and only adapt when necessary. If you’ve just added ten pounds of muscle in two months, this is a significant deviation from your body’s set point. This means that your body would be all too happy to start dropping the costly and energetically inefficient muscle you just worked so hard to earn. In order to deal with this reversion to the original set point, you have to get your body accustomed to this new level of muscle mass.

This can be accomplished by consuming a maintenance diet, with your full complement of fruits and vegetables. Keep the weights heavy, but be more aware of overtraining"

Given that I fluctuated between 165-190 staying mostly around 180-185 for about a year and a half and if all continues to go well I will be at 225 over a period of ~four months
how long would it be ideal to maintain 220-225 before starting caloric restriction?


I’m not so sure about this “holding weight” stuff. If you lose the weight over a long period of time with a conservative approach (modest caloric restriction and increased activity) I highly doubt you’ll lose much mass.