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Bulking Plan for the Next 6wks

hey guys im 20 years old, currently 91kg 10% bf 6ft 1", just starting a bulking phase at 3800cals. I eat clean and supplement properly looking for any advice/ feedback on my exercise and diet plan. thanks for your help.

workout schedule
mon- chest (arvo)
tues- cardio(morn)/ back/traps(arvo)
wed- rest
thurs-cardio(morn)/ leg/shoulder(arvo)(compound movements focused)

diet- “off days” - wed/sun - 3800cals total- 400gcarb/280g pro/ 120g fat

  • “just weights days” - mon/fri- 3800cals total - 450g carb/ 275g pro/ 100g fat

  • “weights and cardio days” - 4100cals total - 500g carb/ 280g pro/ 110 fat

Bulking is done over the course of several years, not several weeks.

[quote]BlueCollarTr8n wrote:
Bulking is done over the course of several years, not several weeks. [/quote]


yeh im going to adjust my calories each month and continue bulking till sep then start a cutting phase. by no means looking for a quick fix, just asking if im on the right track for this months plan …

you’re going to get a lot of advice from people who’ve never successfully bulked. I’d ask, where you got your plan and is that source credible, both training and diet.

i myself have found carb/calorie cycling as the most efficient way of putting on quality weight.

If youre looking for a way of “getting on the right track” i’d tell you to be conscious of how many calories youre eating. don’t half ass it by going under or over. quality food sources as well.

“bulking” is not a good word to use.

You are trying to accrue muscle mass in a slow, steady and lean way – correct?

Because “bulking” can mean alot of things to many people, and without hormones (ph’s, aas) you often times

just get fat and inefficient.

Cycle calories and cycle your macros every 2-3 weeks. Without a superfluous amount of exogenous hormones – just keep things clean and slow.

You will need to find that happy medium of expenditure and food consumption to see what “zone” you need to be in.


Give it a shot.

Either do a standard program written by a professional along with eating guild lines also written by a professional or try a program you design and see how it goes. If your still at the point where you are not sure you designed the program correctly go back to pre-made. You don’t need internet forum approval or a pat on the back just see how it goes and make adjustments.