Bulking phase

Eric, if I’m not mistaken, weren’t you going to be doing a bulking phase that consisted of 2 weeks GVT/Mag-10/Above maintenance cals followed by 2 weeks 5x5/HIIT/Tribex+M/below maintenance cals? If so, how far are you into it and how is it going? After much consideration, I am thinking of trying something very similar to this for my next bulking phase (minus the Mag-10 for at least the first GVT phase) and was wondering what results you were getting.

Sorry for not responding earlier; I was out of town yesterday and tied up all day today. Things are going pretty well, although I’m definitely learning as I go.

The first two weeks weren’t GVT, but the volume was similar (+/- 25 sets per workout, including ancillaries). Looking back, although my sessions never lasted more than 65-70 minutes, I wish that I had limited myself to 20 sets per workout instead. BTW, I used a four-on, one-off split, training the entire body over three workouts. Basically, all muscle groups were trained 4 times over the two weeks. This time around, I’m going to split it up differently in order to limit volume and, more importantly, prioritize legs (especially calves). I’m even thinking about throwing in a second session solely devoted to calves a few times during the cycle. That way, I’d be able to use a little more volume on the major muscle groups during my normal workouts while still directly focusing on calves. Once I get the split figured out exactly, I’ll post it.

I got a little greedy and overdid it on calories during the cycle last time, and thus added a little more fat than I would have liked. You live; you learn. I’m knocking off 150-200 per day for the next time around.

Also, I’m using 5x5 with HIIT on my two off weeks to shed a bit of the fat I gained while working on strength. Although I’m not using Joel’s version, I’m still enjoying outstanding success in terms of strength gains. Plus, after doing 6 AM sprints (1:1 work: rest) in the cold air of Maine twice already (and once more tomorrow morning), I’m really loving HIIT (although I’m miserable while I’m doing it!). I’ve also incorporated a few HIIT sessions on the elliptical and bike (1:3 work: rest) after some of my weight training sessions. I guess you could say it’s a Berardi/Marion/Cressey split! I’m keeping calories AT MAINTENANCE with moderate carbs, 1.5g protein per lb. body weight, and 30% total calories from fat to facilitate recovery of normal testosterone levels. I’ve also been using more BCAAs and glutamine, especially before sprints.

As I mentioned, I’ll be consuming slightly fewer calories during the Mag-10 cycle that starts this Friday. Hopefully, this will limit fat gain, and I won’t have to worry about shedding so much on my off-weeks the next time around.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions. You can email me directly using the address on my home page:


Hey! how mutch can you gain on 2 weeks on mag-10 ???

It depends. Are you planning on training? How hard? Eating? How much? Sleeping? How much? Did you pick good parents (genetics)? It’s not always black and white. No supplement will yield exactly ten pounds of muscle or whatever. Use the search engine to look up “Mag-10 Support Group” versions 1, 2, and 3. To be brutally honest, the way that you are abruptly posting to ask how much you can gain in so little time leads me to believe that you are a complete newbie who needs to get more important things (diet, lifestyle, and training) in order before you even consider using Mag-10. If I’m wrong, I apologize; it’s just the way your post struck me.