Bulking phase and eating

What should my macronutrient numbers be? I’m entering into my bulking phase today. I weigh 152 pounds. The numbers I came up with are:

Daily caloric intake - 2925 calories
Protein - 165g
Carb - 283g
Fat - 126g

Do these numbers look about right? Thanks for your help!

You have to find out for yourself, i use a P-300g; C-300g and fat 150g when bulking and this worked very well to me, i gained one pound of fat and two of muscle per month for 6 months. I think this isocaloric thing is probably a good place to start.

You are way off. You should be consuming 167 g Protein, 281 g Carbs and 133 g Fat. Some people, I tell you. It’s no wonder you are only 152 pounds.

Brian, i think you should begin with numbers that look a little more like this: Protein 1.5 g’s per lb. or 228g’s per day (912 cals), Carbs 300g’s per day (1200 cals), Fat 100g’s per day (900 cals of mainly healthy fats of course). This gives you a total of 3012 cals per day. You might want to begin around these macronut. #'s and adjust from there. Make sure to weigh yourself every week, and try to get a bf measurement at least every other week so you know if you should make any adj’s (cut carbs, add cals, etc.) Sound good to everyone else??

Some might say that’s not enough protein, but I think it’s enough if you’re not on anything.

A 30-40-30 Mass Diet for your weight:
3000 cals,
225g Protein,
300g Carbs,
100g Fat.
This breakdown is from a great Mass Gaining Book from Anthony Ellis and lots of Dr. and Nutritionists. Best of Luck