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Bulking or Not? Issues witih Job


Hi to all,

I'm very new here and looking forward to this forum and the site itself. I'm now 31 years and finally I have the right motivation on starting lifting and living a healthy life.

Now quick to me, I'm living currenty in the Maldives on an Isalnd and I'm responsible for 8 restuarants and 3 bars. Which means I have a quite intense job and walking around a lot.

I have a high metabolism but as it looks like it is slowley slowing down now. My goal is it actually to bebcome lean and have some mussles, more the shredded look not the mass look.

Because of my job, I can't eat every two hours as I have meetings throut the day etc...Do I need to bulk or not to get a shredded look. Or can I take supplements protein shakes etc and train 3 times per week ton gain more mussles. I know that to gain mussles fast you should bulk is that right?

I would love to live healthy, eat clean food and train. As far for calories, I'm thiking of getting them from food and olive oil. As I love oilve oil and to have it with food just to put your bread inside is great. I could have like 10 spoons a day which will give me 1k calories and the rest from other food., Is this ok?

My current hight is ,180 cm and im on 68kg...

Is it possible that I will gain more weight without bulking?

Thank you all...


Yes it is possible to gain weight without bulking. Bulking just means optimizing weight gain. But you can still gain weight without using traditional bulking methods, just probably not as much.

I recommend something along the lines of Starting Strength or another routine focused on compound lifts. That is where you will get the most size and strength. You do NOT need to eat every two hours. Just eat healthily and eat plenty when you do eat and you will be fine. The beautiful thing about being a beginner is that you dont need to (and shouldn’t) go to the extreme measured that experienced lifters are forced to take. Just focus on mastering the main lifts and you will see awesome results. Good luck!


180cm and 68kg most likely means you are very skinny.

Bulking to a level to have a good amount of muscle is going to take a long time and a lot of dedication.

Check your expectations and wants.

If you just want to look cut (shredded), diet down first to a very lean body fat ratio and continue to train heavy while keeping calories reasonable. You won’t get BIG, but you will look fit to most people, and you will add a little muscle if you continue to train strong and heavy for years to come.

If you want to get huge it will take you time. Everyone’s body is a bit different, but currently you’re pretty small so you have to catch up. It sounds like you don’t have much training experience either so you will make mistakes and need to learn along the way. This is a longer road than just dieting down and having an athletic look.


Do not think about bulking. That’S a term which is simply inappropriate for your goals. Start eating healthy (both in amounts and food choices) meals 2-5 times a day (really, frequency isn’t quite that important) and work out 3-4 days a week using 90% compound movements and no machines. Try to get stronger and see what you look like in six months.


I’d say the thing that your diet plan is missing is an emphasis on protein. You don’t say what ‘food’ entails, but unless we’re talking about a lot of lean meat, I’m betting you’ll end up short on protein. 150g of protein per day is a your bare minimum and some would put that number much higher (double or more).

I disagree that you should try to lose weight, but I wouldn’t think of your goal as ‘bulking.’ You’re light enough for your height that losing weight will probably make you just look emaciated, which you don’t want even if you’re going for a lean look. But trying to bulk will probably make you look fatter than you want. Eat so you gain weight very slowly and focus on improving your numbers in the gym. Physique progress will follow.