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Bulking On the Go

During my break from school and without a job to go to, bulking was fairly simple. It was also nice that the food I used to bulk was on my parents tab. Now that I am back in school, I will be gone for most of the day and the luxury of having a refrigerator full of food is no longer available.

For those on the go, what are good suggestions for foods/meals/snacks to pack with oneself while away from a stove/microwave?


beans. Depending on your insulin sensitivity you can whip up a huge batch of black beans and other relatively low fiber beans (too much fiber prevents absorption in some cases w/ protein). This batch of beans can be mixed with wild/brown rice or bacon depending on how skinny you are. then just eat up.

All day long. leanest “bulk” you will ever go on. plus they are super cheap, cheaper than masturbation practically.

Bullet point to take home: beans are cheap and great for bulking.


Also, slightly more expensive: nuts. A 2lb bag of almonds is $10 at sam’s club. Much away. Combine that with some beef jerky (also cheapish at sam’s club or similar stores) and you have yourself some meals on the go.

If you use protein powder, just measure it all up in the morning and put it in little baggies. Shaker bottle+drinking fountain+pre-measured protein=meals on the go. You can also just mix them up before, toss a few ice cubes in there and take them with.