Bulking on the Cheap

Would it be possible to get something in the neighborhood of 3000 calories a day on 200 dollars a month?

Only you can answer that.

Some cheap foods:
ground beef - fattier is usually cheaper AND more energy dense, a win/win
peanut butter
whole milk
frozen veggies
big jugs of olive oil

Buy in bulk and take advantage of your freezer, just get some freezer paper and freezer bags, freezer burn sucks.

Look for specials in the Sunday paper: I recently found whole grass-fed ribeyes for $4.99/lb - they are usually twice that.

If you figure it out, report back.

Those are all good, but I’d also suggest buying whole chicken or bulk packages of chicken legs.

Look in to getting a membership at a place like BJ’s or Sam’s Club if you need to. It’s worth it.

And Dollar Menus should be your friend.

2 gallons of whole milk is around 5 bucks near me. Each gallon contains 2,560 calories. Assuming you drank 10 gallons a week, that puts you at about 25 bucks per week, 100 per month.

So in short, yes. I’m doing it as a college student right now.

Check this out:

I’m pretty broke ass as well… so I’ve been eating a lot of what has been mentioned…

Hunting is a good alternative… when in season…

Ever heard of fast food?

yes I have heard of fast food. I’m going to put together a strategy myself I just need some meal/food suggestions. Or to know if its even feasible.

I’m getting 4000+ on 200 a month

comon son.

Ground Beef
Olive oil

These are your friends.

-Coconut milk
-Drive out to a grocery store in the boonies where everything costs less

[quote]Invictica wrote:
comon son.

LMAO. You need to make this into an image macro.

Yes it is possible.

$200 won’t buy quality though. Buy lots of pasta, take olive oil shots, buy discount brand meats etc etc.

Just go to the grocery store and you can answer your own question.

I’ve been trying to find the calorie count of 80% lean ground beef, but I’m not certain about the reliability of the numbers I’m getting I’ve gotten numbers between 200-230 calories and between 20-22 grams of protein for a 3 ounce serving. Does that sound about right?

When money’s an issue (so like all the time for me :p), I always get discounted whey like Biotest’s Grow! Whey. Saves a ton.