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Bulking on Anabolic Diet?


Help with anabolic diet quick question have searched thread!!

I have started today and i am looking to bulk on it,
noticed many people only use it for cutting? should i stop tomorrow.
and i also go away in four weeks for one week so will be hard to follow diet... is that okay?


You can bulk on any diet. Simply eat more of whats required to be considered on that diet


Question: have you yet tried a simpler approach? Had any success?


yeh done IFFYM (if it fits your macros)

worked okay just gained a bit of podge is all... think im going to save this diet for cutting


I was thinking even simpler. Why not try that first? As in, hit your target macros each day eating 4-5 meals like most of us do when we first get serious about gaining lean mass. Forget cycling, nutrient timing, etc. etc...and take guess work out of the equation. Hardly necessary just to put on size. Cutting to very low body fat is a different ball game though.


Read the book, it outlines exactly how to bulk.