Bulking on a High Calorie Job

Need some help with ideas on bulking while doing a high activity job of roofing. Im 25 years old, 6’2 in height and weigh 168. The problem i run into is having the time during the day to eat the food i prepare before work. Any ideas on high calorie/protein foods that aren’t made up of crap and empty calories. Want to stay healthy while i do this so healthy food is a priority.

Any and all ideas of foods that i could quickly grab and eat while i work will be greatly appreciated. Also any ideas on how to counteract the amount of calories burned in the day to calories taken in through the day or any regimens that would help. My calorie intake has ben estimated at 6500 a day to maintain and increase in size. thats alot of food!! any help is welcome. thanks

Say hello to weight gain shakes, whether it be a store bought product or making your own out of select ingredients. Are you able to bring a mini cooler with you to work?

Foods to carry with you:
-string cheese

Here’s a killer (and cheap) breakfast with lots of calories:
-1 cup oats
-4 tbsp peanut butter
-8-12oz cottage cheese
-1 or 1.5 scoops whey

Or, for low carbs, just eat a shitload of eggs with peanut butter and cottage cheese mixed in.

Can of salmon
2 scoops of whey

Honest to god, it’s good. Add in a vegetable if possible or piece of fruit if it’s impossible to go with a leafy green.

Another option: Peanut butter and lettuce sandwiches. Or just do peanut butter with whatever the hell you want. You’re 6’2 and 168lbs.

steak, blahblahblah, vegetables.

Get a lot of sleep.

On the breakfast thing:
Cook oatmeal with peanut butter in it (I sometimes even preheat the peanut butter). Stir. Mix in cottage cheese. Mix in whey. NOM.

You’re 6’2" and 168. You just need to focus on getting the calories in. Shit, hit up the fast food with your buddies but just be sensible about it.

I worked framing houses for a couple of summers and the best thing I can tell you to do is make a couple of calorie dense shakes and drink them between your meals. And, when it’s time to eat your meals POUND away the food. You’re gonna be burning a shit ton of cals, and at your size you need all the cals you can get. Good luck man.

EDIT- oh yeah, DO NOT skimp on carbs. You’re less than 170 lbs at 6’2" and you work a demanding job. Eat like it’s your 2nd job.

You havent told us what you are eating now! I assume you are already working. If not then just dive straight in and see what your weight does. Then youll know how much you need.

Dont stress about getting enough food in during the day if its not possible. Just make sure you eat enough in your free time. Timing is really not that important. Its still overall calories that matter. When do you workout?

well i start work around six am so i have been working out after work. During the day i bring two coolers of food. one full of sandwiches (including pb j) a bag of bagels that i eat loaded with peanut butter. lots of yogut and kefir to wash that down. lots of granola and protien bars. then three weight gain shakes a day at 700-900 calories in each and as much as i can stuff myself with at dinner, lots of ground beef and potatoes and vegetables.

In that case Ill echo JAseHxC and WhiteFlash. Couple of Shakes during the day. But preferably Blended real food rather than Weight Gainers which are all Sugars. Fruits/veges/oils/protein powders/milk/nuts/oats/eggs and whatever else blended up. Whatever doesnt taste like complete ass but has actual nutrients would be better than Weight Gainers.

Biotests Metabolic Drive and Superfood would probably be a good easy combo if you cant be bothered with the prep involved with real food shakes.

right on ya blending seems like a great idea, would need to keep that fairly fresh from prep to drink i would assume…typing this in between bites of bagel with pb and honey and raisins.
how are potatoes as far as calories and fat intake? cuz i love potatoes

potatoes contain negligible fat. Potatoes, baked, flesh and skin, with salt Nutrition Facts & Calories

I suggest baking sweet potatoes, topping with peanut butter. Good combo of quality carbs + fats

a cold potatoe salad would be awesome to take to work

I work a fairly demanding job myself, i definitely eat a large breakfast, try making that a huge meal to start the day off, and really since you are able to bring food, with some thought you should be able to hit your calorie sweet spot.

A few ideas, mix 2-3 cans of tuna with some mayo and eat that with 5-7 rice cakes, very portable and easily consumed, in fact rice cakes are an easy carb source that can be very portable.

Clean carb sources can include but aren’t limited to…

Sweet/White potatoes
Rice Cakes
Puffed Rice cereal, plain
White Rice
Cream of Rice

If you can afford it, Metabolic Drive Growth Formula shakes, with some rice cakes/and or puffed rice cereal is a great meal. Or using Metabolic Drive Bars in addition to your meals would be another great choice, again if you can spare the money for convenience sake. Tons of options, but it can be done with some planning.

My blender was one of my best friends when I was in grad school and really started paying attention to what I was eating. At the time, there weren’t any real decent tasting powders (mid 90’s), so I would buy the GNC brand or protein(always chocolate because it was less-nasty tasting), blend several scoops of it with milk, a couple of bananas, a ton of peanut butter, honey, and flax oil.

Then I would put this mess in a large thermos and drink it throughout the day IN ADDITION to whatever meals I could get down. Nothing, just a lotta cals from what I figured were clean, and relatively inexpensive sources.


add as many aminos/bcaa as you can afford to meals and snacks

On weekends get in Defranco’s hour of power…


Here’s an idea that travels well (or sits on a work site in a cooler well):

Buy a big assed sweet potato and cook it the night before. Over cook it a bit to get it soft. When it’s done, cut it open and mash a shitton of natural PB in there. Put it in plasticware and put back in the fridge. Take it to work.

I used to take that on road trips. It can even sit out for a bit and not go nasty. What you don’t eat re-refridgerate (but I don’t think you’ll have any left).

EDIT: Just saw a previous post suggesting same thing (missed it the first time).

right on, took alot of these ideas to work with me today,was able to put down alot of food, started out with two cups of oatmeal made with milk and then i put honey and raisins in it for taste and extra calories. two cans of tuna with mayo for a snack, two cups of cottage cheese, two turkey sandwiches with real turkey leftovers, the sandwich was about two inches thick with that cheese and mayo. random spoonfulls of peanut butter. three rice cakes. about a cup or more of whole cashews and a half cup of peanuts, a sandwich bag of dried fruit and a spinach salad with vinegar and olive oil. forgot my protein/weight gain shake on the counter so im drinking that now. im going to keep track of all this and keep finding ways to add good stuff in there,

man with everyones suggestions i have been able to add alot of calories to my day and i can already feel a difference. I read in “from scrawny to brawny” that if your not chewing your not gaining so i have tried to adopt that into m lifestyle. THanksgiving weekend of course helpd alot. I’m going to start Jim Wendlers 5/3/1 on sunday so that im not wasting calories on extra workouts when my body doesnt need them anyways. More and More ideas still welcome.

So i added GOMAD to My diet, im about four days in with four gallons down, have been doing really good with keeping right around 6000 calorie intake a day and now with the 2500 from milk im around 8500-9000. I wasnt seeing any weight after three weeks of 6000 a day so hopefully GOMAD is what will tip the scale.

Im starting my second cycle of 5/3/1, seeing some pretty impressive gains on RM and PR’s so that is encouraging. Any body else with a seemingly methed out metabolism who found ways to gain, input please?