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Bulking: Negative Effects?


Hey i've started the bulk up program...for the firts time in my life. I weigh about 130 at 5'8, so any type of bulk would be good. But the thing is im a pretty athletic guy( run a 4.6, and have good quickess). Obviously bulking up will affect this( i think), but i was wondering that if after a bulk up phase, if I could regain speed by working out or playing some full court basketball every day? Thanks any help appreciated


Bulking should not effect your speed. As long as you add muscle, and keep running you will be fine. NFL players can run a 4.6 at 300 pounds.


Continue doing sprint work while you bulk. You're not talking about becoming Mr. Olympia here. Most sprinters are significantly more muscular than you are. Muscle is functional. You're not gonna become a slow lug from adding 20lbs or more. You'll be fine.


Thanks guys...what about quickess? will that stay maintained or will it lag?


Yes it can stay the same or get better same with speed during a bulk if you make that priority and train for it. The NFL example above was PERFECT. Go check out a BIG ASS lineman someday. those guys have some of the quickest hand and feet in the game and they are ANYTHING but dainty.


Phill said I was right. I'm so happy I could cry. Sniff Sniff