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Bulking Meal Plan


How's this for a day of eating on a bulking cycle?

6 am- 2 scoop Surge Shake
Oatmeal w/ protein mixed in

9 am- Mass Building shake with 55 grams of carbs and 45 grams of protein
1 apple
12 pm- 3 chicken breasts
3 Wheatabix biscuits
1 large apple
1/2 cup of carrots

2:30 pm- 1 apple
1 yogurt (45 grams of carbs, 7 grams of protein)
2 large eggs
1/2 bag of beef jerky (26 grams protein)

5:30 pm- 1 large chili from Wendys

7 pm- 4 chicken breasts
1 sweet potatoe
1 serving of pasta (medium portion)

7:30-9pm - Workout- sip on a 2 and a half scoop Surge shake

10:30 pm- Grow! shake and another yogurt

in addition:

tons of water (over a gallon)

currently taking MAG-10
multi vitamin (animal pak)
fish oils

What should I change here? Look good.... bad? Any input would be great.


I don't know if you should eat 4 chicken breasts at a sitting. How big are they?

The yogurt is basically crap. If you like yogurt that much get whole milk plain yogurt and mix Grow! in with it.

Better to eat real steak rather than jerky.

All you are eating for fruits and veggies all day are 3 apples. Lets see some greens, peppers. carrots, other veggies, other fruits.

Your biggest meal (4 chix breast, pasta, sweet potato) should go after your training session. Is there a reason why you train so late at night? Could you train at 7:00 and eat at 9:00?


Surge in the morning? Chilli at wendy's? Dude you need to change that plan.


If I'm not mistaken Dave Barr recently posted about the "post workout window" lasting up to 24hrs and that actually a Surge shake in the morning would spike insulin and provide recovery and muscle building benefit.

There are worse things than Chili at Wendy's when you're on a bulking diet.


Thanks for the help....

I changed things up today according to your reccomendations. How's this look:

6am- Surge Shake and Oatmeal w/ Grow!

9am- Mass Building Shake (same as before), 1/2 cup spinach, 1 banana

12pm- 2 chicken breasts, 3 wheatabix, 1/2 cup strawberries, 1/2 cup carrots

2:30pm - 2 eggs, 1 chicken breast, 1 apple, 1/2 cup spinach

5pm- Wendy's chili

7pm- Steak, sweet potatoe, brown rice or pasta (small portion), broccoli (med portion)

7:30pm- Sip Surge shake during workout

9pm- Grow! shake and yogurt

As for the yogurt, I agree 2 yogurts was too much, but there are benefits with yogurt so Im gonna keep that 1 serving. As for the training, I cant switch things up because I eat with my family and thats when they eat and late night is the only time I have.
Thanks for the help..... hopefully this is looking better.......

Donk15- the reason Im doing the Surge shake is exactly what RITJared said...... as for the Chili, its quick, easy and Im on the road alot so that helps.....also the nutritional value really isnt that bad at all for a bulking cycle.


add in that list 1/2 gallon of whole milk


What about dietary fats? How much are you getting and from what sources?


The Mass building shake has flax seed oil in it..... i take fish oil capsules,and olive oil and vinegar on the spinach...... then the fats I get through everything else


Murrdawg, I think that looks like a pretty good plan, whether it be the first one or the revised one. If you can eat 4 chicken breasts, go for it. 2 breasts(total of ~1lb.) fills me up pretty good. Contrary to what RIT said I wouldn't worry too much about fruits and veggies, they just take up room in your belly that could be filled with more calorie dense food.

RIT, he's on MAG-10 right now so it's pretty much an all out blitz of food for two weeks. IMO you don't need to eat a lot of dietary fat while on, except to help up your cals if you need it.

Good luck Murrdawg. If you ever find yourself less than bloated and uncomfortable you are doing something wrong. When I used a bottle of MAG-10 I gained 13 in two weeks. It' funny to say that eating your ass off is tough and uncomfortable but it will be at times, just cowboy up and shovel some more in!