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Bulking Meal Plan Help


Football season is over and I'm trying to get bigger. I weigh a puny 160 pounds and am about 6 foot. So I decided to eat a shit ton of food. Here's my plan right now.

Cup of oatmeal with scoop of protein
3 eggs
cup or so of blueberries
Cup of Milk

2nd Meal
Canned Tuna
2 Slices of whole wheat bread
cup of milk
some veggies and fruits

8oz chicken
Cup of brown rice
1/2 cup of black beans


Protein shake
Cup of Pasta

6 oz salmon
1 serving almonds
1 serving of fage 2% yogurt with a cup of strawberries
Good serving of broccoli

Cottage Cheese mixed with some pineapple (can't eat the cheese straight up, it sucks)

it adds up to around 4025 calories and 424.4g of protein.

The calorie amount seems good but I'm unsure of the protein, it seems awfully high, but I'm getting most of my protein from natural foods.

Is this a good meal plan?


just drink alot more water your kidneys will be fine from the protein


More fat.I would lose weight on that diet.All the chiken breasts,fish and eggs in the world arent gonna help a "puny" guy.Lots of red meat,pasta,bread,shakes,burgers,etc

Never follow a bodybuilding diet when trying to pack on size.Ever!