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Bulking Machine Thread


I dont know if you all have been following this guy but this is some of the best shit I have encountered on T-Nation. I think this shit needs to be a must read for all members.


Read animalpak. Wonderful training information... Do a gazillion crunches and feel the burn...Do pull-downs and after that throw in some intense sets of push-downs and hurl... insanely intense... I think he's got some relatives over there...they spell better though. Sheesh.

"My name is Meat"


Must read..maybe, if only it didn't hurt my brain to read/decipher it. And if only it didn't come from a dude who's not bulky.


That's the point. It exercises your brain and eyes to read through the whole post.

I'm still working on getting through it all. I read without blinkin, 'till I feel my eyes dry out and only stop when they're so dehydrated that they are on the verge of falling out of the socket.

I also do a handstand on my monitor while reading it and hold it as long as I can, with my wife sitting on top of my feet in a large recliner.

I'm just that hard core right now, and I wouldn't be where I am now if not for BulkingMachine's threads.