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Bulking Just Fruits/Veggies Carbs?


Do the carbs in veggies if taken in appropriate amounts (very large amounts) go to restoring muscle glycogen? I realize that most (even green veggies) contain sugar, so is the sugar the kind that can restore muscle glycogen and not just liver glycogen like that in fruit?

I want to bulk like this, and I am not sure whether this would work though... basically I want all processed carbs cut out. I am female, only 100 pounds, so this may not "seem" like a lot, but lets make sure and take in the fact that I weigh probably half of what most of you do.

m1- 3/4 cup egg whites, 1 whole egg
5 cups broccoli
250 grams mushrooms
2 tablespoons ground flaxmeal

train- sip 15 g EAA drink during workout

postworkout- 15 g EAA, 40 grams waxy maize, 10 grams glutamine, 10 grams BCAA

1 hour post- 5 oz lean buffalo
550 grams summer/zuchinni squash
1 cup pumpkin
200 grams mushrroms

2.5 hours later- 5 oz lean ground turkey
1 ounce almonds
200 grams bok choy
200 grams asparagus

2.5 hours later- 3/4 cup egg whites, 1 whole omega egg
200 grams bok choy
200 grams asparagus
large salad with olive oil
250 grams white mushrooms

2.5 hours later- 2 cups fage greek 0% yogurt (40 g protein)
1 oz almonds
5-10 grams BCAAs
extremely large salad with mushrooms & onions


NOTE- I will also be taking in 6 grams fish oil and 3 grams borage oil each day, spread throughout the meals

So basically my question is, if I eat enough broccoli, asparagus, pumpkin, squash, etc... to equal the carbs one would typically get in things like oatmeal, do they work the same? DO they replenish MUSCLE glycogen?


yes itr could be done use a LOT of your denser fruits and veggies. dried fruits would be awesome and HIGHER Gi ones post w/o etc. sweet taters regular taters etc etc

It would be VERY hard with broc. etc but if your getting enough all around intake from say fats yes




I'm not certain what you mean by "bulk."

I suggest you read the first 25 and last 15 pages of this thread:


Different CHO have different effects. You can also check out this link on the Glycemic Index (GI):




well I am 100 pounds, getting in 80 grams of fat + a day. Protein is around 275 if you count it from broccoli, etc....

Carbs are actually pretty high but many are from fiber. 40 grams waxy maize post workout + 30-40 grams from veggies in each of the meals except the last one with just a salad.

Wouldn't this be enough to grow off of? My question is though, after subtracting the fiber from things like broccoli and pumpkin and mushrooms, are THOSE carbs ones that replenish muscle, or liver glycogen?

Is 80 grams fat too much for someone my size? Thats like almost 1 gram per pound of body weight, plus I am taking in a decent amount of carbs as well.....


I would worry less about the fat (80 grams does not sound like too much to me by any means) and more about all of that fiber you are taking in.

If you eat too much fiber you can obstruct the absorbtion of vitamins/minerals, macronutrients, and supplements. Besides which, all of those cruciferous vegetables (cabbages, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower) are difficult to digest and thus gas forming. You are going to make it difficult on yourself to absorb all of the nutrients you need, besides feeling comfortable after eating.

You can restore your carbs from fruits and vegetables, but just be sure to vary them and try to pick carb dense ones that are not too heavy on fiber post workout. As was suggested before potatoes of all kinds are a nice, versatile option, as are many kinds of fruit. Pumpkin is probably a good choice too.


I've actually been eating this many vegetables and have had no gastrointestinal/gas problems at all. What about all the sugars? They still restore muscle glycogen?


Of course they will as will the starches which act just like sugars in the body essentially.



It sounds like you have a very strong digestion then. I know that I personally can barely stomach 4 cups of broccoli at a meal and I probably would not eat that more than one meal a day.

Good luck though, it sounds like you have eating clean down.


I see no reason to avoid starches like oats and brown rice while adding mass even if you're a FFB and are being careful. Stagger them around your workout and be judicious in your use.


don't get me wrong- I love my oats, but I hate the way I feel after. I get so tired. But I don't get that way with veggies. And I don't want to go completely no carb, so I guess I will just have to eat a shit load of them to get in enough carbs to restore my muscle glycogen....



I've noticed something about your posts. You lay out your question and the situation and your reasoning and then ask if there is a better way.

You get the responses from people who know what they are talking about but then you tell them why you aren't going to do it like that.

"so I guess I will just have to eat a shit load of them to get in enough carbs to restore my muscle glycogen.... "

"I've actually been eating this many vegetables and have had no gastrointestinal/gas problems at all. What about all the sugars? They still restore muscle glycogen? "

So why are you bothering folks with asking when you really just want to tell people what you've decided to do?


I'm sorry if that is how it is coming across, but I don't think that people were telling me that "it won't work". They were simply saying "it may be hard" but it would in fact work. I'm just not really sure what to do because I know I need carbs to refill my glycogen and I love love love oatmeal and whole grain bread, but I get so tired after eating them that it just isn't worth it anymore.


Fructose replenishes only liver glycogen. Glucose does that, and replenish muscle glycogen.

Remember, though, that fruits have different amounts of each. For example, apples have lots of fructose. Bananas have higher levels of glucose.


Paelo diet.


You guys sure about this? Seems counter intuitive.


275 grams of protein is a ton for a 100 lb female. I know you are asking about the vegetable part of the diet but please if you are going to ingest that much make sure you are getting in around two gallons of water a day.

About the carbs, plenty of people grow without them and I basically follow high protein moderate fat low carb all the time except around workouts where I like my WM. The calories need to come from somewhere so if you stagnate try adding some healthy fats like olive oil to your veggies. 1 tablespoon is over 100 calories.


I don't see any fruit in your diet? If you are getting enough carbs from fruit and vegetables your muscle glycogen should be fine.


from what I understand, you don't absolutely NEED fruit to replenish muscle glycogen. If you eat enough veggies, you will more likely replenish muscle glycogen than liver glycogen (which is the case with most fruits)


Fructose travels to the liver, where it is converted into glucose. If the liver needs glycogen, then it stays there. If the stores are full, it gets converted to fat.

The muscles cannot utilize fructose, nor does it have the capability to convert it.


You do need to replenish glycogen, but not to the degree that most people expect. Your muscles can store several hundred grams of it, and it can take a lot of hard work to burn through it all.

And to replenish glycogen stores with veggies, you would need to eat a LOT of them.

Here's a great article:


"The carbohydrate requirements for weight training actually aren't that great. I did some calculations in my first book and concluded that, for every 2 work sets or so, you'll need 5 grams of carbohydrates to replenish the glycogen used. So if you did a workout containing 24 work sets, you'd only need about 60 extra grams (24 sets * 5 grams/2 sets = 60 grams) of carbohydrate to replace the glycogen used."