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Bulking Intake Query

Alright chaps, after a bit of experienced advice. I’m bulking at the moment with a Full Body workout (45mins) every other day, but I’m worried I’m not fuelling myself for growth enough. Here’s my stats:

Male, 23 years old, 5 foot 10 (177 cm).
11 stone 10 pounds (164 lbs or 75 kg).
Workout: FBs 3/4 times per week, about an hours walking per day but sedentary job.

Currently I’m eating 2800 calories on workout days and 2500 on rest days, but I think that my lifts have largely stalled and I’m not seeing any improvements in weights or mass gains. Up until now I’d been gaining about l lb every week to a week and a half.

So, how many calories should I be eating to bulk on (as lean as possible) on workout days? Should I be reducing this number on rest days?

Any advice hugely appreciated :slight_smile:

Well if your progress has stalled, eat more. up it to 3000kcal and see how it goes. No success after a week? Add another 200kcal.

As for recovery days, eat the same amount as you would on a workout day, but swap out the carbs for an increased fat intake. This doesn’t mean don’t eat carbs at all on the off days, but limit them to slower digesting ones and add more fats to balance it out.

I’d up it to about 3500 cals (but make sure those extra calories are decent ones, at this point at least)

I’d also suggest a split routine. I prefer TBT for fat loss phases and splits for bulking. And keep cals constant on both days. While your activity levels are lower, your body is still repairing, more cals=good IMO

2800 calories to bulk…I don’t know how you guys do that.

[quote]analog_kid wrote:
2800 calories to bulk…I don’t know how you guys do that.[/quote]


Barely enough to stop hunger for me