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Bulking in College, Impossible?


Ok, I am having great difficulty putting on mass. I am following the "Massive eating plan part II" EXACTLY and am in the middle of CT's pendulum bodybuilding program. How the fuck am I losing weight? I don't get great sleep, but usually I get at least seven hours. For supplements, I take the basics like EFA's, ZMA, protein powder, vitamin C, multi. However, I just recently got off a 3 week cycle of superdrol, and am taking Rebound XT and Alpha Male for PCT. I am also taking milk thistle.
I should mention I am 18 and have been lifting intensly for two years now. I put on mass fairly easily a year ago and got up to 205. But now I am 215 and am no longer making any progress. I thought I was doing everything corrctly by following recommended nutritonal and training programs. Am I just fucked up and have no ability to put on mass due to genetics? Because that is the only explanation I can give.


Eat more.


If you are following Massive Eating EXACTLY then you should re-read the part about adding calories to your diet to compensate for your added weight. You need to eat more to get bigger. Eat the same amount to stay at 215.


You're 18
You've been lifting 2 years

You believe your gains have stopped because you are gentically maxed?


This is in reference to another thread*
This is why genetic potential should never be mentioned by anyone as a limiting factor*
Some people want to quit when the going gets tough. When they don't see noticeable gains by the week.

Change your workout
change your diet
Shake things up
Or did you think you would consistantly add muscl mass until you exploded at 1000 lbs.


Really, this is all it comes down to. Everyone is different. A lot of people will have to eat less than Berardi's guidelines to avoid excessive fat gain when bulking. Conversely, a lot of people need to eat more to put on muscle. Up the calories until you start gaining. It will happen.


Do you have buffet style meals in your dining hall? If you do, there is no excuse as to how you can't gain weight. Keep eating!


Well, I would be eating more, but the thing is my meal plan at my college sucks big time. They only give me 900 dollars per semester! I'm already down to 200. On top of that I have a small part time job that gives me enough to spend like 50 a week at the supermarket. Needless to say, money is extremely tight, and is hurting my gains big time.


Go to the all you can eat buffets/dining halls at your college, that's an easy way to pack in the calories.

Also, you have a part-time job that pays you $50 a week, so basically you work a total of what...8 hours a week? If you're really that short on cash then start working more and don't give me any of these bullshit excuses like "I don't have enough time." I know plenty of college students who have full-time jobs. So start eating more, start working more to pay for it, and get the fuck to the gym.


An 18 year old on roids complaining that he can't put on mass...

Before you worry about putting on mass, you should work on not being insane.


Step 1: Search for the "Massive Eating" Calculator on JB's site and make sure your calculations are indeed correct.

Step 2: If you still Can't gain weight while following recommended calories, add in more snacks between your main meals.

P+F Snacks: Whole Milk, Peanuts, Cheese and whole eggs

P+C Snacks: Tuna Shake Baby!(Oats+Tuna)I know its disgusting but hey, how else can you down 500 calories in 30 seconds.



Ok, let me make sure I have all the facts:

  1. You are 18
  2. You have been lifting for 2 years
  3. You are in college
  4. You have no time/money
  5. You take superdrol
  6. You take Alpha Male

Here's why you don't have any money for food:

You wasted your money on supplements YOU DON'T NEED! You are 18 years old and have 2 years in lifting?! Why the HELL would you buy superdrol?! Or Alpha Male for that matter?! Your T levels are already as high as they are ever going to be! Forget about all the supplements(except maybe the fish oil, ZMA, and multi, they are fairly cheap and probably the most important). Just eat everything in sight and put some effort into what you do at the gym and you'll be golden.


[/rant on]
Just wanna make a point of your financial situation:

I am also a full time college student(13hrs a sem.)
I also put in 36 hours a week at norm job PLUS the extra 6 (maybe 9 soon) hours of personal training that I do. So pretty much what I'm saying is that dont think you can get by with the"I only have a part time job" crap. Get off the supps and stuff the goodness of food down your throat.
[/rant off]


A highschool friend of mine went to Oklahoma State University. He was on the varsity weight lifting team. He had a roomate on the wrestling team. He told me they would buy the cheapest loaf of bread they could find and the cheapest jar of peanut butter. They would eat the whole jar and the whole loaf of bread every night. He also recomended drinking an entire gallon of milk every day. If you are lactose intolerant that could be a problem.

He got his weight up over 250lbs. He also set some school lifting records...

This eating was beyond his normal 3 plates of food for every meal he ate.


Our football coach talked to the guys that work with the MSU footabll team and found out one of their secrets....peanut butter and jelly sandwiches between classes.


When one is in college and new to training AND skinny..

..does he have to worry too much about where he is getting the overall calories and protein?

I mean, its much easier to chow down a 1-foot subway crammed with meat and veggies than it is to eat a whole bowl of oatmeal and boiled chicken breast. I hope you get my point.

Do the food sources dictate much of the success, or is it just overall calories, daily protein intake and training intensity?


Dude, when do you sleep?!?!

That sounds like it would just make you really fat.


Didn't we have that other guy a while ago who eats a loaf of bread each day? The one with the "

". College or not, there definitely are better alternatives...


"You're 18
You've been lifting 2 years

You believe your gains have stopped because you are gentically maxed?


Now that's classic haha


Man, I bulked my first semester of college and I didn't even want to...wtf, a meal plan with 3 unlimited meals a day. How could you not gain weight.


You have ameal plan and a part time job that allows you to spend 50 a week on food and you can't figure out how to take advantage of that and add mass?
Come on JJ.
All I see here are excuses. Man up and analyze your goals.
Tuna,eggs,milk,peanut butter,cottage chees are all reasonably cheap-quality sources of protein and mass builders.
If you really want it, make it happen. If you just wanna come on here and play woe-is-me, wrong place dude.