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Bulking How Its Done


How do you guys go about a bulk.

I want to demolish the notice that people around here are limiting their gains by dieting as soon as their abs begin to blur from the 1% body fat increase but I also want to show that guys around here don't permabulk either and just add pounds to the scale as it justified muscle gains or never reach their leanness goals.

I know BlueCollarTr8n recommends something to the effect increase ones body weight 10% over there lean weight for about a 12-18 months and just focus on improving one lifts.

Would your advice be different for an underweight kid vs a normal weight or the same to teach certain skills i.e. track macros etc...


This is individual. Why act as if there is some specific blue print?

You base what you do on the results you get. It doesn't matter what calculations you use if you ignore that.


I want to see what method people have done has gotten them the most progress for their goals.


When my pants start to get too tight I cut.


That's all good but what you have to understand is that this isn't about following exactly what someone else did. Bulking up really means following what your body is doing. If you gain too much fat, you cut back a little on the carbs.

You base your decisions on your conditioning and the basic concept of prioritization and periodization. the guy trying to be super athlete and the biggest most muscular guy all at the same time will likely not reach his overall goal.

Question...if the guy "bulking" knows he will be deployed in 3 months and will not be able to eat diet food....should he keep gaining now?

It is concepts like this that need to be understood when discussing these topics.


I'm never going to "bulk" again. The only thing that did was leave me with a ton of work to cut back down. Don't listen to fat, strong guys if you have any desire for a respectable physique. Listen to the big, lean guys because well, they are big and lean.

Eat a little above maintenance and adjust accordingly. Gaining 1-2 lbs a month by weighing yourself daily and taking the average is how I will continue to gain lean mass. I will cut when I am dieting down for a show.


Dieting is just regulating your food choices and portions.
Some diet to add muscle
Some diet to lose bodyfat.
"Bulk" and "cut" are stupid terms that should be thrown out with the bath water.
Both approaches to dieting should be the same IMO.
Track calories and macros and make small incremental adjustments based on your results.
If you aren't doing this you are just guessing.




But..what happens if the big lean guys didn't get big enough?


Also, I haven't heard anyone tell someone to gain much more than 3-5lbs per month and basing this all on the gains seen.

Someone starting earlier with great genetics may see more than that so it is also about NOT holding back progress to hold to some specific number range.

If your body is ready to grow 5lbs and you only feed it enough for 2, you will hold yourself back.


If you aren't doing this, you are justifying your own laziness and lack of discipline. Really, why would anyone want to carry around excess fat? You will slow down your lean mass gains drastically.


Bulk for 6 months, cut for 3 months. Result: Maybe 5 months of lean mass progress in 9 months.
Intelligently track macros and make small adjustments For 9 months: 8 months of lean mass progress in 9 months.


Then add a 100-300 more calories a day.


You are also susceptible to gaining much more fat and in the long run, you will have to cut for much longer and get less results than if you take it slow. Slow and steady wins the race.




If you aren't tracking then how do you know if you are giving your body what it needs?
How do you know if you are eating enough protein?
2 weight gainer shakes and 2 steaks a day.
How much protein is that?
If you don't weigh your food and track your macros then you don't know if you are getting enough protein.
What if your body responds better higher fat/lower carb diets?
You wouldn't know unless you tracked it and would be doing yourself a disservice by not adjusting your diet accordingly.
"Eating a little more" and "eating a little less" don't cut it,
It's in NO WAY optimal for growth.
It's 2013, there is no excise for not being able to ACCURATELY monitor your food intake u less you want to chalk it up to laziness as another poster pointed out.


Less results?

How do you arrive at that conclusion when the biggest people here did bulk up in majority?


The person only gaining for 6 months and then dieting will hold themselves back over the guy who even gives it two full years of working on building muscle and just keeping fat in check.


OP, why are you acting like there is some specific blueprint? Why???

Oh wait, you were just asking for different opinions?

My bad, bro.


That was just an example. 2 year bulk will probably result in a 9 month-1 year cut. In those 3 years, you could have taken things with a more moderate approach and not waste an entire year minimal lean gains. Different strokes for different folks.


Laugh out loud at X not being able to resist coming in here and trying to push his opinion on others about the tried and true "EAT BIG GET BIG" approach. Also, laugh out loud at the whole, "what if the guy didn't get big enough?" What the hell is "big enough"?