Bulking, How Its Done 2

[quote]bpick86 wrote:
Maybe it does maybe the “healthy” body fat ranges that you speak of are lower than 15%. The thing you are ignoring is the fact that this graph seems to suggest that optimal bodyfat ranges in men are lower than 15%, lower than 10% even (although I still find that hard to believe). You seem to suggest that because the graph does not agree that the bodyfat %'s that you say are healthy, are actually as healthy as you think that the graph must be wrong.

[quote]Professor X wrote:
That assertion holds no water considering most of humanity in North America has never seen the southern side of 15% and are also healthy. [/quote]

In what fairy dream world are you living in where most of America is healthy?? Don’t be dumb just to try to be right, its unbecoming. If you have a good point make it but don’t try to prove your point with out right false stupidity.

[quote]bick86 wrote:
This graph shows a pretty direct correlation that NORMAL body fat ranges are at a higher risk of CVD than those that have exceptional bodyfat.[/quote]

[quote] Prof X wrote:
Actually, it just shows that Korean Men seem to be diagnosed with diseases while in a leaner state than most of the rest of the world…which implies other factors at work and NT body fat. [/quote]

No, what it is saying is that the leaner you are, the fewer diseases related to carrying extra fat you are diagnosed with. If you can show me where this does not hold true across racial lines then I will concede your point, but please don’t be offended if I don’t just take your word that lean people are no healthier than not lean people.

[quote]Prof X wrote:

This statement is the most ridiculous statement I have seen on this site.

And this is also why “bro-science” is fucking up real science.

I am not and no other human on the planet is at a greater risk of a CVD JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE 5% BF MORE THAN YOU. That has no support anywhere[/quote]

The fact that you disagree with it is a far more ridiculous statement. so you think that a graph will just make a 90 degree angle and shoot straight up at the point of obesity?? That makes much more sense than there being a gradual increase in the risk for CVD. Again don’t be stupid just so that you don’t have to admit that leaner is healthier. As I have had said before, I am carrying extra bodyfat around myself right now, but I am not delusional enough to try to convince myself that I am just as healthy as if I lost down to a much leaner frame.

And don’t give me real science. You are essentially telling everyone to take your word for it that the graph (real science) is wrong and your theory about there really not being any difference (bro science) is right. You actually aren’t even using bro science, you are just throwing a arguing because someone is suggesting that people are healthier than you.