Bulking Gone Wrong?

Is there any way lean bulking can go wrong? For example theres a thing about postworkout nutrition that 30minute protein rule. So ill make an example that might be horrible

This man doesnt eat for 15 hours, then lifts for 3 hours, then doesnt eat for 2 hours then eats a candy bar, then in the remaining 4 hours he eats his calories.

This is similar to OMAD which is still sketchy and stuff but could this be a "how to gain fat not muscle "?

I say this possibility because your muscles arent being fed postworkout and is extended for many hours and a candy bar first thing isnt nutritious and low in protein and such so i thought that the muscle might eat itself aka catabolism and alk that good stuff.
Just thought this might be a fun subject to talk about

Nobody that is bulking is going to go 15 hrs without eating!

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Just an example because people who do OMAD believee they cna bulk that way. Sounds crazy

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Bulking goes wrong when people overeat and undertrain. Meal timing is rarely the issue.


There is really no accounting for some of the things people do or believe.

See “The Predator Diet” for details.


Undertrain? Like volume or weight? Or both because i just see bulking as lifting heavier and gradually being able to do more of what you originally thought was heavy, also achieving new PR and such

Only in the minds of haters. Nothing can go wrong with a lean bulk otherwise it wouldn’t be called a lean bulk, duh #thispermabulklife

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Volume. You are describing an intensification block, which is not how I would train if my goal was to add size. You need to accumulate volume, as you need to create a catalyst necessary to promote growth.