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Bulking Gone Bad


Ok so i made a thread recently about how i want some tips on a bulking diet and ive changed up how i've been eating the past week. This is my NEW eating pattern. I try to eat every 2 hours

5 eggs (350 cal)
2 sausage patties (240 cal)
2 glasses of grape juice (340 cal)

1 can of tuna (210 cal)
drench it in olive oil 4 tbsp? (480 cal)

2 cups oatmeal (400 cal)
1 tbsp olive oil (120 cal)
some fruit ( not too sure)

2 scoops protein powder (240 cal)
1 tbsp olive oil (120 cal)
bagel (300 cal)

Dinner (1,500 cal)
Normally chicken and past, i work at a restaurant so i get the stuff pretty much free and its about 1,500 calories each plate. On days i work doubles i get it twice.

Snack (500 - 1,170 cals)
Yesterday it was a burger and fries, usually its some dark chocolate doughnuts

Snack before bed
5 or 6 thick turkey slices (~280 cal)

Total= ~5280 considering i might leave some fries or a little on my plate

I've been doing this for a week or so and i actually went from an average of 160 lbs to 156. I know weight isn't the best measurement but i try to weight myself at the same time every day....im ready for some criticism


There's no way you'll lose weight on that.


I outweigh you by a good bit and that many calories would be enough to make me add weight.

You may be overestimating calories.


I can't tell if you want to bulk or cut (I think bulk), but you've got burgers, fries, and dark chocolate donuts on the daily menu. That's not an optimal food choice to put on quality mass.


If you are losing weight on your current diet, you might have to increase your calories. What is your activity level? If you are working in a restaurant, are you on your feet and moving all day? Could you wear a pedometer and see how many steps you take per day?

I was eating about 5000 calories per day and I was losing weight like you, because I increased my activity level a lot (I have a sedentary job).


if you get sick of the olive oil, you can try other types of oil too (macadamia, coconut, etc). also, you might wanna add some protein to your lunch. some peanut butter or protein powder should mix nicely into the oatmeal.

if you're losing weight, bump the cals a bit as others have mentioned. perhaps not calories from donuts though...

also, vegetables won't kill you on a bulk.


im trying to bulk, ive never gained anything in terms of fat so i figured the high calories from a burger and fries would just help up my calorie intake. Ya the last two days i've worked a 9 and 10.5 hour shift without sitting once. Its pretty hard to eat at work but i manage to eat some bread and butter every 2 hours.

The olive oil is by far the easiest thing to take in. Ill start mixing peanut butter to my oat meal but dont you get the problem where it just stays as one big clump when you add it?

As for overestimating i got the numbers from the labels and websites, the only thing i estimated was the fruit at 100 cal. And there are some variables like veggies i add in but this part of my plan is pretty much solid.


More Carbs for breakfast, if you're gonna drink juice make sure its not processed shit. Get some almonds, walnuts, and cashews and snack on those between your snacks.


i actually bring a big ass bag of nuts to work at eat them, everyone thinks im weird. But ill add more carbs to breakfast and look for the "unprocessed shit" lol


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