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Bulking: Gaining Too Much Weight?

ok, so at the start of my bulking cycle i was 215. Keep in mind i am 6'4 and kinda large set. I started to try bulking because I would like to bring my numbers up and develop a better physique. Now I am a former fatty of 350 pounds, but thats in another post. By bulking I mean i have added in more eggs (up to about 9 or so a day), cottage cheese (anywhere from 2-3 cups a day), sunflower seeds (1 cup + a day with raisins etc.) and 2 protein shakes a day. Its hard for me to do at the cafeteria here at rez.

Anyway I have noticed a larger amount of fat particularly in the breast area and stomach area. For lifting I was doing West side for skinny bastards and am now doing big boy basics. I am doing moderate to intense cardio 2-3 times a week. But now I way in at around 248 (about 5 months later) and have added about 2 jean sizes. I have been keeping a food journal as of late, and my avg totals are around 118.6 g fat, 4,200 callories, 327 g protein (this count protein from everything, greens, rice, oatmeal included), and 435.1 g carbs.

My problem is I don't know why I am adding this much weight this fast, and it seems to be a lot more fatty (for good sake my breasts are the size of my girlfriends) than I thought iw ould be. Is there anything I am doing wrong or should I just keep with this as I plan to do the velocity diet in the summer around 8 months after starting the bulking. Is it possible I just have a bad tolerance for carbs from being previousely fat? thanks guys.


I wonder how your lifting is going. I was doing WSFSB but i stopped because i started a bulking diet and am currently conforming to a higher volume workout with a friend(for the mass gains). But eh, Im just a newbie with mass gaining--but perhaps look into higher volume workouts? But yeah FYI--men tend to gain their fat in the gut and chest areas...its the way things are for most of us. Myself as well--my six pack is slowly sliding away ass i pack on some weight for this.


Just a couple of ideas/things to ponder

You may want to try getting more of your calories from fat and lowering your carb intake. Especially lowering any processed carbs or late day carbs.

Without doing alot of math, I'd say it looks like you are averaging 1.5 or so pounds a week gain. Unless you've really amped the training to match, I'd guess you've added20-25lbs of fat. It will tend to gather in the places you have mentioned or those for which you are genetically predisposed to carry.

As a former fatty-you really need to be careful in your weight gain. I would back off 100g carbs and add 20g of good fats. This backs off your per day caloric consumption by aprox 200+ cals and equals about a half pound per week. It may also help you with potential water gain from all of those carbs.

I would also reevaluate your workout. If you aren't taking advantage of the cals. you are not taking full advantage of the cycle.

I don't like to do intense cardio when in a cycle like this. You may want to do moderate cardio, but do it more often.


hmmm, good fats as in sunflower seeds, fish oil etc.? as for the carbs I was thinking it was a bit high to. I am planning on stopping eating rice all together for supper and substitute more veggies in there. I may cut back in the raisins to. Is that a fair change to limit the carbs and add fats?


Good health fats are:
Walnuts, pistachios, almonds
Flax seed oil
Fish oil
Olive oil
Canola oil
"Natural" peanut butter

To name the main ones..


You're eating too damn much. Plain and simple. Try dropping calories to 4000. If you're putting too much fat on at 4200, you should have no problem still adding muscle with 200 less calories.


Some of this is common sense and should have been employed already. If you look down and your waist is growing faster than your muscles or your strength levels, you need to cut back on the calories.

I agree with what sasquatch wrote, however, the main problem is the rate at which you are gaining. Beyond that, any newbies reading this who weigh 130lbs need to understand that everyone is different. Someone with a faster metabolism could get away with eating that much and more and it still may not be enough.


alright thanks for the info guys. So is it safe to say because I am a former fatty I will gain fat quicker than others? also, I have reworked my diet (I can pretty much know day in day out what our cafetieria wills erve) and I will be dropping 819 give or take calories and 127.4 grams of carbs, and only losing about 50 grams of protein. Is that better or what levels should I want to hit? (i know everyone varies but can you give me a ballpark figure?)


Why don't you try decreasing your intake gradually instead of a 800 calories jump? Aim to decrease the calories until you are gaining roughly 0.5-1lb a week. You seem to be on roughly 1.5lb a week.



I think you're also focusing too much on numbers. While having a journal is good, dropping 127.4 carbohydrate grams is getting too much!

I made the same mistake as you, when I bulked I hammered good food down my throat and gained fat and muscle, but the muscle again went when I cut back..

The better approach is to lower or increase cals slightly. So now that you have added more muscle, you shoudl slowly decrease cals..and then when comfortable slowly increase cals. And yes, if belly grows faster than muscles, then something needs adjusting.

You'll figure out how your body works sooner or later and then you'll know what to do...try nutrient timing..less carbs at night has worked very well for me..and only at breakfast and around workout times..has made me bigger and leaner.