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Bulking. Gained 7 Pounds in 2wks

After a prolonged cut and carb cycling approach after the last few months, I’ve decided to eat around my maintenance (2850) for the last week or so. I’ve done this with low GI carbs like oats and brown rice, lean protein sources, and veggies.

It’s more than I had eaten consistently in a long time, so the scale is telling me that I’ve gained 7 pounds in 2 weeks. Is this mostly water and glycogen? I’m hoping that my body will get accustomed to the new calorie level and stop gaining sudden weight. I wanted to bulk for about a 10-15 lb gain, but at this rate i’d be done in a month. whats going on?

If you’ve lost weight the last few months, and you haven’t adjusted your #s, perhaps your ‘maintenance’ level of cals are now more than you actually need.


So despite all the advice, in the other 3 threads you made, you want ahead and jumped from 1900 calories to 2850?
Now you are asking why you are gaining weight quickly?

I can gain 8lbs in one week just by adding carbs back in. My current avatar is after adding carbs back in the last three days.

This is not abnormal at all.

[quote]cfws1992 wrote:
I wanted to bulk for about a 10-15 lb gain, but at this rate i’d be done in a month. whats going on?[/quote]

this statement right here lets me know that your head is not in the right place.
(along with your other thread about how you wanted to do 6 week bulks followed by 6 week cuts)

Ask yourself this… the 7 pounds you gained… do you look ‘better’ with it??? Like if you had to guess, was it a lean 7 lbs? or did your waist go up 2 inches? Did you get a good deal stronger in that 2 week period? Unless you post before and after pictures on here of the 2wk period, noone really knows what tht 7lbs consist of or looks like other then yourself.

Listen to Gregon, you obviously need to start thinking long term, and realize gaining 10-15 lbs of MUSCLE (not weight) isnt something someone does using 6 week bulk, 6 week cut methods.