Bulking For Next Contest

Okay going to make it as simple as possible. Competed in first bodybuilding competition recently, placed 2nd with the notes “Arms are too small, legs are too big, chest needs help”.
6’ 4’’
Stage Weight: 242
12 Weeks Out Weight: 250

I would like to bulk up considerably for the 2020 season as I will no longer to be able to compete in the Novice Category next year, and since I’m tall it’s almost impossible for me to come in under a weight category so I will have to stand with the big boys.

For the bulk, I don’t mind gaining a bit of fat, I don’t mind a longer cut but since I’m pressed for time I would like to gain the most amount of mass (but with limited fat gain if possible.)

I’ve read some articles on the site
Option A) (Bodyweight x 16) + 20% = 242 x 16 + 20% = 4646.4 Cals
Option B) Lean Weight = 4600 Cals [Was in a Table]

I’ve read the best split being 40/40/20 but I’ve never reacted extremely well to carbs and was wondering if I should stick to this or try 50 P/30 C/20 F?

Training is focused on my weaknesses and in the 6-12 rep range with more frequent chest/arm days.

First, are you going to be using gear?

Second, the BW x 16 calculation is the bulking formula. There’s no need to add 20%. And that’s for naturals, which is why question one helps us all know how your body will handle this.

I’m assuming you have some basic nutritional knowledge if you competed at 242 and took 2nd. I’m hoping it was a decent show.

Why don’t you have a coach who can help with this stuff?

Anyway, protein is the only macro that stays consistent. We all need a certain amount of protein to grow and maintain muscle. Nail you’re protein and adjust the other two macros based on personal preference. I don’t think you’ll grow as much with 150g of carbs compared to 500g of carbs, but there’s some variability in there. If you feel and train better with more fat then do that. Also, try different sources of carbs to see if you handle some better than others.

As far as total calories go, start with BW x 16 and adjust every two weeks if you’re not seeing the results you want.

If you’re doing this all natural then plan a very slow rate of gain. I spent all of 2018 gaining weight and I’ve lost it all now and it wasn’t worth it. I gained too much (even at 3 lbs per month). I’m also 6’4" but I’m down to 213ish now and would probably have to be 185-190 to be stage lean (maybe even less).

I’d aim for no more than a two pound gain per month. However, if you’re on gear then the rules are different.


Shit I totally forgot about the gear haha!! Yes I am

750mg Test Cyp per Week
40mg DBol for First Three Weeks
And then I have to decide between adding 300 mg Deca p/week or 150mg Trestolone Acetate p/week. Will most likely go for the Trestolone as I’ve tried it before and the stuff is absolutely insane and I had little sides (cept for some smaller back pimples)
Running Proviron whole cycle as well

I usually do have a coach for contest prep, however I’m a full time student with a full time job, and seeing as I just did a contest I’m a little low on cash so I’m forced to do this bulk solo.

Would the protein go up regarding this new information, seeing as protein synthesis is up?

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And yes I have some relative knowledge on nutrition, but seeing as this is my first real bulk (I was a strongman before I went into BB so size wasn’t my main concern in the beginning) I figured I could use some help!

Also, comp was great! Guy who beat me beat me fair and square on conditioning and proportion, so I have absolutely no trouble with that. Category was o/75kg so he was 90kg and I stood at 110kg, granted he was a lot shorter. But he did win fair and square, I was happy with the results.

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That makes more sense. I was going to have to go on suicide watch if you were natural since we’re the same height and you were standing on a stage at 242. That’s my fat weight.

If you’re going with 4600 calories per day then you could aim for 375-500g of protein. That’s your current weight x 1.5-2.0. That’s a lot of protein!

That’s 37.5-50% of your calories from protein. CT recommends 40-60% of your calories be fun carbs. Whatever is left is your fat intake.

I don’t think you’ll want to do 50/40/10. That’s only going to be 44 grams of fat. If I were you then I’d do 375g protein (37.5%), 400g carbs (40%), and 100g fat (22.5%).

That’s just my opinion based on how I can eat now. 375g of protein sounds like a challenge. 500g sounds ridiculous to me. I couldn’t do it.

I follow a lot of CT’s stuff and his article on eating for naturals recommends eating 1.0-1.25 grams per pound of bodyweight during a bulking phase. I think you’ll be fine at 1.5 g/lb but if you can eat more then it won’t hurt.

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I’m currently on 4300 a day, split 33% Protein 22.% Fat and the rest carbs based on the Article “Get-Big Diet for Bodybuilders”. Strength in gym is good, recovery is a bit slower than I would have liked but I am using a lot of volume for the first time in a while so to be expected I guess. A nutritionist who trained with me today advised the 50/30/20 split, making it 537g of protein a day, which does seem excessive but I’ve also read of bodybuilders like Coleman who ate up to 750g a dat - Not saying I have his genetics/work ethic/muscle/gear etc etc, but it’s doable.

Honeslty for gaining weight you don’t need that much proteins. They should be higher with cutting. Id’ replace some of your prot with carbs

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Yea, I have to say, 540g of protein per day is almost certainly excessive. When on gear, the body can really benefit from higher fat and carb intake than what you’re doing.

Ronnie Coleman ate up to 750 grams of protein per day AS THE BIGGEST BODYBUILDER EVER. He’s an outlier who isn’t even worth considering. BUT if you are going to consider him, you should look at his carb and fat intake along with that. AND you should note if that 750 is year-round, or if it’s in contest prep.

If I were you, 350 grams protein is the absolute highest I’d go. I’d rather up the carbs to 600 than have the protein above 500.


Thank you so much, I really appreciate the response!

If you’re bulking, yes carbs and protein are important, but I wouldn’t skimp out on fat intake. Make sure you’re getting enough fat, especially monounsaturated. The monounsaturated fats will help to keep LDL levels down and HDL levels up. This will possibly help to keep blood cholesterol levels healthy, especially with the gear.
Saturated fat and cholesterol are also important for proper hormone production, cell repair and organ function. Plus fats add good calories to put on weight!!

Saturated Fat: Red meat, Eggs, Coconut oil, Dairy, MCT oil, etc.
Monounsaturated Fat: Salmon, Olive and Grape-seed oil, avocados, almond/peanut butter, etc.