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Bulking for Football

I’m looking to put on a lot of size for football. I’ve gone up 10~ pounds every year training mostly as a bodybuilder. I’m thinking about training as a powerlifter now. Hoping that this will help me add about 20 lbs. Any thoughts?

I gotta ask the most obvious question; why not train like a football player?



Good football players do not train exclusively like “bodybuilders” or “powerlifters.”

How old are you?

How long have you been playing football?

How far do you hope to go with this? (i.e. are you a high school player hoping to get bigger so you can play in college?)

Can we have some more details of your recent training?

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google ‘Matt Rhodes Train like a football player’

THIS!!! Glad someone said it!!!

What position are you wanting to play at? Current height and weight? Are you playing at the moment if so are you playing Varsity or JV?
I would like to add that Lifting itself is nothing But GPP for the actual sport.

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He’s preparing for the inevitable transition early :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why do people come to forums and ask for advice …and never answer direct questions asked to them?