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Bulking For Endomorphs

I’m a FFB and I will be attempting to add weight for the first time. I’m trying to do it slowly,and add minimal fat.(although I’ve accepted that I will gain fat and lose my abs). I read the FFB handbook and that gave me good advice. I was wondering if there are any FFBs or endos who have success bulking without gaining too much fats and what methods did they use.

I’m 5’9 and 140

Thanks for the help.

Also being an FFB I’ve successfully added quite a bit of muscle with not too much fat gain. Its not rocket science; I’d just eat a ton of good food and train hard. Eat big bowls of brown rice with chicken, multiple servings of oatmeal with raisins per day, etc.

thanks for the help man

Have you seen this article by Chris Shugart yet?


At 140 I think you probably don’t have to worry about it TOO much. I was around 220, down from 290-295ish, and decided to start eating more and lifting heavier weights.

I think you can get away with more than you think you can. I would suggest a solid base of plenty of good food, but don’t be afraid to eat some fast food a few times a week either, as long as you’re lifting heavy! Just stay away from empty calories: the sweets, potato chips, etc.

My 0.02

Thanks guys for the help and the link…I don’ think I’ve ever had fast food though and I have no desire for it. I an thnk of plenty of other foods to sub in for it.

One more quick question.

Is it OK to bulk with a high-fat low carb diet? Right now I’ll eat aroung 150 g of carbs on workout days and 80 on rest days. I know that at a FFB I should be careful about carbs, but does this only apply to cutting? Can low carb take away from my results?(assuming I’m getting enough protein and fat)

thanks in advance