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Bulking for Competition Weight Class


Im going to try to keep this as brief as possible. Im 19 years old and been training seriously for 14months.

-Goal is to move up from 175lb to 185lb within 3 months for an MMA competition.
-Im looking for maximum muscle growth and minimal fat gain as possible
-Here is my program:

Every 8-12 weeks I change up my set/rep scheme and supersets/tri-sets
Main focus is always big compound movements (Squats,Deads,BBcurl ect)

Here is my diet
MEAL1 - Meal: 50gCarb-50gProt-Fish Oils-MultiV
MEAL2 - Shake: Horleys Ice 34g Prot-Flax Oil
MEAL3 - Meal: 50g Carb- 50g Prot
MEAL4 - Pre Workout Shake : Creatine - 1 Litre Gatorade
- Post Workout Shake: Gatorade 1 Litre
= 70g Prot, 150g Carb
MEAL5 - Meal: 50g Prot-15g Fats
MEAL6 - Shake 34g Prot -10g Fats
MEAL7 - Meal: 30g Prot 10g Fats

-Looking for advice on clean bulking and ways I can enhance my routine and diet to accomplish these goals.

On non workout days I cycle macronutrients usually with a low or high carb day
I follow this diet religiously and dont waste time with junk food / cheat meals.
Tips/Advice/criticism welcome



When are you training MMA?

How many calories are you ingesting each day?


4200-4800 calories on medium intake days. 3200-3800 low intake days. 4800-5500 on High intake days. I do 4 medium, 2 low and 1 high intake days a week. I train MMA 3-4 Nights a week these sessions last 2 hours.


Well your nutrition looks ok. What's Horley's Ice?

What're you doing exactly on each day? What set rep scheme?

You should check out the sticky threads in the Combat forum.


Why do you need to go up a weight class?


Are you gaining weight? The only person who can tell us if that diet is sufficient is you. You say you want ten pounds in 3 months? Well then, you better be gaining a pound a week.

Side note: Why move up a weight class for a competition? I thought most guys tried to drop a bunch of weight through water and carb depletion before a fight. What is your fighting weight going to be?


Yeah im gaining weight ive gone up 3lbs in the last month. My goal is to compete in the "middle wieght division" which has an entry weight of 185lb. The actual comp is in 18weeks my goal was to bulk during the next 12weeks to 185 or more if possible then get ready for the fight during the last 6 weeks.

Also Horleys ice is a protein powder supplement. My set and rep schemes are pretty much on the money but I could shoot them through for a look if necessary.