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Bulking for a 15 Year Old

hi guys

I’m 15 years old and I currently am on WS4SB I program by Joe DeFranco. I lift weights on M/W/F and on Tues/Thurs I do 10 minutes of interval jump rope cardio. I am 165 lbs at 15% bf./

What is a good target weight gain per week on average, if I am trying to gain weight and minimize fat gain?

I am still tweaking my diet, but as of the past two weeks, I put on .6 lbs/week. For some reason I feel like I got fatter. I know there is no reason to feel fatter if I only GAINED 1.2 LBS, but I do for some reason…and there are signs that I have put on just a tiny bit of chub.

Here is the tricky part. I know that in order to make any serious gains, I have to accept fat gain. However, I am not sure right now if I am gaining as little fat as possible, or not. My goal is to gain as little fat as possible.

To sum up, how much weight do you think I can gain per week with the least fat gain? I AM NOT A NEW LIFTER. I AM NOT MAKING NEWBIE GAINS.



You have gained ONE POUND so far and you’re already worried that you’re gaining too much fat along with the muscle?

In general you want to shoot for a 3-5lb gain in bodyweight every month or every 4 weeks, that usually means 1lb a week but it is not recommended that you set your weight gaining goals to be achieved weekly because there is too much margin of error.

Which is why the whole 5lbs a month thing is the usual standard.

About your concerns bodyfat concerns…

If you are eating enough food to fall into that 3-5lbs every 4 weeks standard, and all of the staple lifts in your program are steadily moving up in weight, then consider yourself golden.

If months down the line you feel you are getting too chubby too quick, then you simply up the cardio to balance things out.

Please try to relax and stop worrying so much about every little detail.

Your 15, eat everything and the kitchen plate, plus whole milk, fruits, veggies, pizza, pasta, eggs, meat, burgers and chicken.

at 165 and 15% bodyfat your only real concern should be eat a crap load and lift heavy. My marathon running sister has almost as much muscle mass as you.

worry about cutting later.


The weight you gain each week is largely an individual thing, there is no right or wrong answer and way to many variables to use that as a measure of progress. If I were in your shoes, I would have my bf checked every 3 weeks this should give you a better sense of progress, make all the variables are the same at the time of measure (time, day of the week, etc.) If you would like to post your current diet/ supplements I would be happy to offer some guidance if you would like. It is great that you are starting early and the ws4sb program is a great one to start with. Best of luck, train hard and keep us posted on your progress.

if your 15 and training hard at the gym; just eat a ton.

try not to eat alot of sh*t.

sh*t = fast food, microwavable stuff etc…

and eat A LOT of the other stuff!