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Bulking Diets


Can someone post their bulking diet so I can get an idea of what I am doing wrong?

I am 6 feet 2 inches and weight 200 pounds. No idea about body fat.

I have been doing resistance training for only 4 months. I started doing some routines from Men's Health and then found T-mag and I changed to some of the advice here.

I have a very hard time eating high kcals (above 2100) while keeping my protein at about 200g/day.

I am following the Temporal Nutrition advice and I have to believe that I need more carbs in the morning and more good fats at night.

Thanks, Rene'


You need to check out Massive Eating by John Berardi.

That shoulde provide you with an idea of how much you should be consuming a day.


I have made the calcs and it came out to just over 4,000/day!!!!

I don't think I can reach that based on the fact that I can't even hit 2500 without going over the 1g/pound guideline for protein.

I will try to post my food intake so you can give me feedback.



Why do you want to keep your protein down?


Why in the world do you have to limit your protein intake to 1 gram per pound of bodyweight?

That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

Go read the FAQ's. You have a lot to learn.


Don't even bother posting your food intake until you realize that bulking requires a generous surplus of calories. The "Massive Eating" calculations you found are correct. I find it difficult to believe that you have a hard time consuming over 2100 calories per day.


I was under the impression that the general guideline for protein intake was 1g/pound of body weight.

Going back to Massive Eating this is what the author calls a moderate protein diet.

So what would be a good target for protein intake?



My man...you are one confused puppy. Limiting your protein intake to only 1g per lb of body weight is not too smart. Read "Protein Prejudice" by John Berardi.....basically the one macronutrient you would WANT to overconsume is protein!!! With increased protein you get a great TEF, increased glucagon in adipose tissue, great satiety, increased protein turnover, and an improved body composition profile. And if your main goal is to gain muscle mass, how in the world are you going to do it with a bare minimum of protein in your diet??? Not to mention calories!! Go to the FAQ section as Natt Dogg suggested and read up. Tony G


Check out this link to see what some people have to do to gain size:


Yes, he was way over 1g protein/lb. And yes, he is still alive.


You should check out the "Get Big" diet on this site as well. I think for a beginner this is a great diet that gives various meal samples. It is easy to follow and give you some idea on how to get the calories up there. Massive eating is also a great one too.


How many times a day do you eat? You gotta buy a giant lunch box/cooler and have access to food all the time. You are a pretty big guy, right? Put on that feedbag.


I eat about every 3 hours + protein right when I wake up (and if I get up at night to pee) and right before I go to bed.

I just got confused and thought that 1g/pound was a good target as opposed to the bare minimum.

Thansk, Rene'


Minimum 1.5g protein / day (that'll up your cals)...and somewhere around 300-400 carbs in your P+C meals if bulking. That's already 2400 cals (300 x 4 from protein, and 300 x 4 from carbs). Throw in some fat and you'll hit 4000 easy.

I'm eating 4100 cals now, and spread it through 8 meals a day. It's not all that difficult. In fact sometimes I find the meals too small for my liking.

Keep plugging away. I find it best to plan out my meals, that way I'm not searching for 1500 cals in my last 2 meals because I was short earlier in the day.


One other thing that you can do (that it sounds like you're not doing) is to add Surge into whatever diet you decide on. At your bodyweight that'll add another 700 calories right there, and all of them right in the place where you want them.

I'll bet that if you do just that you'll see a weight increase, or at least better results in the gym. Nonetheless, you should be upping your cals regardless.


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Here some helpful advice.
1)Check out Massive eating. Do it. It might take you a week or two to get up to the cals needed but just do it, aight.

2)Check out Joel Marion's "ripped rugged and dense" program (use the search (look under forums), or Members (link above), and check out his posts)
you want to be training hard, not heaps and eating like a horse.

3)Get a training diary and food log, dosent have to be flash just an exercise book with workouts in the front half and food entries in the back. Take measurement once a month to keep youself on track (eg weight BF% girths etc)
post your sat's again in a week, im serious!