Bulking Diet

How does my bulking diet look? im at 204 pounds right now with about a 12% body fat. im gonna be doing the Designer Athlete Program. im gonna be playing full court ball monday (the court is not even regulation length, and also the rims are shorter we just go play i guess its a good plyo exercise to dunk) and then right after ball im gonna drink Surge and start lower body workout. anyways, how does the diet look guys?

Meal 1:

-5 full egg ommellete with onions and bellpeppers
-2 slices of wheat bread with cream cheese
-Regular Oatmeal
-Half a scoop protein shake
-green apple
-2 fish oils and multi v

Meal 2: (During school)

-protein shake
-bag full of mixed nuts

Meal 3: (after school)

-2 and a half chicken sandwiches on wheat
-mixed veggies
-orange juice
-2 fish oils

Meal 4:

-chicken with no bread
-brown rice
-lots of fruit and veggies

Meal 5: Preworkout and during workout

-1 scoop Surge with 1 scoop protein

Meal 6: post workout

-1 scoop Surge

45 min later

Meal 7:
-Egg white omellete
-brown rice
-fruits and veggies

45 min later

Meal 8:

-chicken/steak/or salmon
-potatoes and brown rice
-3 fish oils

Meal 9:

-glass of milk

That looks fine to me, but if you’re looking to gain you probably don’t need that much attention to detail not that it will hurt. I like that you’re doing it with pretty much quality foods. It’s pretty simple from here actually. If you start gaining more fat than you want, slow down on the food. If you’re not gaining like you want and aren’t picking up too much fat eat some more.

Thanks man…but is that too many meals? how does the post workout nutrition look?

This looks good, I dont think its too many meals- as tribulus said: go by how your body responds, if you are gaining too much fat, cut down on the calories.

Looks good, now get to eating!

My god bro you are the yoyoingist MOFO ive seen. Sadly remind me of me a few years back prior to making any real progress. The past few months youve changed goals, diet and training more times then I care to count.

solid plan but NONE of these are going to give you anything real tangible in the long term unless you start to do them and stick to em


ya bro ur absolutely right…i came to realize that i just need to get stronger and get big…screw this cutting shit for now. i guess i had to learn it the hard way