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Bulking Diet


I'm new to the whole planning food out thing. I've always just ate whatever was lying around and lifted heavy. I know I'm going to have an easier time with less selection of foods as long as they are working for me. In a couple weeks I'll be done with the velocity diet and I want to start bulking. The calorie count is coming from fitday. Any advice you guys could offer would be great. Here's my plan:

40/40/20 p/c/f
workout days ~4780cal
non-workout days ~4450cal

Current weight 210lbs @ 6ft

Meal 1
5 eggs, 1 banana, 6oz chicken breast

Meal 2
2 cups oatmeal, 1 can tuna

Meal 3
2 cups brown rice, 1 banana, 6oz chicken breast

Meal 4
1 cup oatmeal, 1 can tuna

Meal 5
1 cup brown rice, 1 banana, 6oz chicken breast

Meal 6
5 eggs, 1 cup brown rice, 1 can tuna

Meal 7
2tbsp olive oil, 6 oz chicken breast

PWO - Surge Recovery


The 6 foods that work... I like it. Remember that brown rice and sweet potato are interchangeable :slightly_smiling:

If you can stick to that diet, then good for you! You'll prolly stay very lean even while bulking.

You might wanna look into getting some Animal Pak or Superfood to make up for that lack of variety (i.E. getting in all of your vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients).


I'd throw some red meats into there somewhere.


Yeah haha raising the bar. He said egg whites but I don't see the big deal about yolks if I'm not cutting. I'll still have leftover Superfood from the V-Diet and I'll probably sprinkle that in with l-leucine. I'm currently using opti-men multivitamins.

I tried to lower carbs for the last meal and increase fats. Any thoughts on whether or not this is a good strategy guys? By the way, my training will be BBB 4 workouts per week option.


Any particular reason? (Serious question). I could always switch out a meal of chicken breast or tuna.


Hit read meat in there for definite.

It'll help with your overall calorie intake and help get in some more fats.. Also, red meat e.g. Beef contains a lot of natural creatine. Reg Park - Beef, Orange juice, eggs and Milk I believe his diet was. But I think that was just a guideline as in beef meaning most red meats, orange juice all fruits, eggs well.. eggs and milk he had a lot of milk..

Make sure you get a lot of milk in your diet and beef, my favourite bulking foods - cheap, easy and awesome.


Nothing bad could be said about this diet except it's boring as hell and too low in fat.


Eat whatever protein items you want. Still, your diet is very low in fat, particularly omega-3's.

It's also advisable to have SOME variety in your diet.


Saying there's only a few foods that work is moronic and the guy sounded like he was twelve in saying so.


You can spread the fat intake over the whole day or do it like that.


I have plenty of Flameout I could add. I'm guessing you probably meant from sources like nuts though. What macro ratio would you suggest?


dave doesn't eat like that in the offseason...

he eats more red meat, whole eggs, peanut butter...

His macro split is more like....40/30/30


Same stuff nearly every successful bodybuilder or gym goer does:

1 - 1.25 grams pro per pound

20 - 30% fat

Rest carbs.


You can use fish oil capsules or just eat fish.

Dude, you're on this site; you know all the other fat sources that are good to eat. Eggs, nuts, seeds, oils, some fat from meats.


Dude thats a shit load of food. Don't you feel bloated throughout the day?

EDIT: Referring to all those carbs


That's what Heinz low carb ketchup is for. :smiley:


Thanks, I'm going to tweak it and add a little more fat.


Haven't started this yet, but I'm not new to force feedings.


You're taking in 22 calories per pound of bodyweight. You sure you need this much?


Mother of god that's a lot of food dude.

Be real careful ingesting that much after leaning down, if you don't do it right the only weight you'll gain will be around the midsection.

Point in case I tried to bulk up for about 6 weeks and I ate a diet very similar to yours, all clean foods, all good carbs but just lots and lots of em.

I went from eating a 2500 kcal diet to. 4500 kcal diet in a week and the results were a fucking disaster.

My advice is too start slowly, only add 250 kcal to your intake weekly. If your not gaining, up the Kcals, if your gaining too fast then drop them slightly.

Take everything one week at a time and be patient dude.