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Bulking Diet


I've just started a bulking diet. I'm 6'2 and was sitting on 73kg.. After 2.5 weeks of around 3000 calories a day plus 2 Opt Nutrition weight gainer shackes, creatine and sereous gym time, i'm at 78kgs. I cant seem to keep up the calorie intake tho, i'm just not feeling hungry anymore.?

I read that you can switch between High and Low calorie diets to boost growth.. Should i concider something like that or just keep stuffing the food down till i get use to it? It seems to be working but the thought of food makes me sick sometimes. what should i do?
Any help would be appreciated..


well if i was 6'2 and your weight I wouuld just eat like a house unfortunately at 5'10 190 i tend to look more like a meatball.


Keep eating

At 6'2" 3,000 calories isn't so much that you should be considering lower calorie options

I've the same problem but look for ways to boost your calorie intake - for me it was putting milk and raw eggs into my protein powder

It took a while to get used to but I got some much needed protein back into my diet


Keep eating, you will get used to stuffing yourself to get your calorie intake high enough.

Also, if you keep gaining weight so quickly, cut down your calories - it should be around 0.5kg a week that you gain. Steady, constant progress.