Bulking Diet, Weight the Same or Dropping. Macro Check

I been cutting for while… Reached a decent lean… Never bulked untel. Now… Stsrted. Clean bulk a month ago… I weigh 80 kilo… Caloires r 3100. I. Go. Around 200 protien… 300 c and the rest. Is fat… I like fats more then carb… The thing is scale. Isn’t moving up… Usually a bit down every 5 days…

You’re eating 3000 cals now and you say the scale is moving down. What were you eating when you were “cutting?”

(Good chance your metabolism sped up. I’ve had clients where I had to increase food a lot to keep dropping bodyfat!)



When I was cutting I was around 2100 to 1800

Have the scale numbers been going steadily down for over a week or two, or is this just day to day fluctuations?

When I’ve increased clients food intake and gotten some “metabolic momentum” in the process it’s been as result of small bumps and not a sudden jump of 1000 cals per day.


Bro, at 80 kilos, 3000 is like maintenance. I know this because I’m around that size.

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How do you track your intake?