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Bulking Diet Suggestions


Im not too sure if its too much or if there is wrong timing with any of it or if any of it is just unnecessary. Any help would be great thanks.
1st meal: 6 whole eggs. sausage. maybe some cheese. cup of oatmeal.
2nd Meal: Salmon burger. 1 or 2 whole potatoes. glass of milk.
3rd meal:Can of tuna. fruit. glass of milk. some cheese.
4th meal: chicken breast. fruit. glass of milk.
5th meal:weight gainer shake before bed. 1 scoop protein. 1/2 cup oats. 1tbsp EVOO. 1 large tbsp Peanut butter.

and then before my workout ill have 40 grams dextrose. 1 scoop protein.
postworkout: 1 scoop protein. 40 gram dextrose. 5g creatine.

would it be more beneficial to have a preworkout hsake as above or just move that shake to the first thing in the morning. i can only drink 3 shakes a day. what do u recommend?

i weigh 165 lbs. 5'8". I dont have any fat on my frame as u can see on one of my photos. im trying to get as much size and strength as i can obviously but also not puting on too much fat. is any of the timing off on my plan. the pre and post workout is just thrown in throughout the day whenever i feel like training. will the weight gianer put any unnecessary fat gain?




I was going to rip on you for starting the 138,957th thread about a bulking diet in the past 2 days, but in lieu of your avatar choice, carry on.



haha yeah man thanks. I feel like she played a big role in every young teenagers life growing up. She certainly helped me;) haha well if you have any comments on the diet i would really appreciate it.



It looks like this is seriously lacking in the red meat dept. I think it's also lacking in overall calories. I mean you are gonna have to lose that 6 pack to gain some good size. The red meat should actually take care of some of that. I would try for swapping two of your protein choices for red meat. One serving of 85% ground beef and one cheap cut of steak (sirloin is cheap and good). If your rich, buy NY strips. You have a nice build right now, but if you sacrificed the leanness for 6 months to a year (or more would be optimal) you could pack on a good 10-20 lbs of muscle and then do a quick cut to get back to your current leanness. You would look pretty impressive with 20lbs more muscle on your frame, and sacrificing your beach body for one year isn't that big of a deal. Unless your a male model, then I guess it could be.



yeah thanks for the advice. well for now since its summer i only have what my mom buys. ill see if i can get some more red meat. i didnt add it because its only in my fridge sometimes and if its there ill likely substitute it. I wouldnt mind gaining the weight at all. I havent tried to maintain my 6pack but when school starts i get screwed over with my diet. 20 lbs of muscle would be a god send because its really hard to gain weight for me. Maybe because i eat too clean. not sure. are there any other tricks i could do to get my calories up or would the red meat do it? im not rich so ill just get whatever red meat i can get. lol

appreciate it.



What i really want to do with my body is get bigger all around but especially my arms and shoulders because my arms are really small. I fuckin hate it. and my shoulders are lacking that overall thickness. i just have a little width because i was a swimmer.



Easiest way to add calories is fat. Get plenty of oils in and you can crank up the calories. Red meat is better for just that reason, more fat = more calories. Dump some olive oil in your shakes and drench your salads in it. Cook bacon and refrigerate it then add a handful of slices to your meals. Peanuts are good for snacks if you aren't allergic to them. They are cheap, and at least for me, I can eat a couple cups worth AFTER I stuff myself on dinner.

Another suggestion along those lines. Eat when you are hungry. If you eat a big dinner and it is only 1 hour later but you get the munchies, go whip something up and down it. Doesn't need to be 3 hours between meals. That's more for a health type maintenance or fat burning diet. (which is even debatable). Just try to find some fatty snacks (like peanuts) that you can grab here and there between meals. Tray to avoid things that are fatty AND loaded with carbs though, at least for your snacks. Pepperoni and cheese is another solid choice.



yeah i figured i should add some olive oil with everything but with the shakes? wouldnt it slow down the digestion rate for the portein if i put it in before and after my workout? how do my pre and post shake look? too much dextrose?? and would the preworkout shake be more important than just drinking it first thing in the morning? which is more beneficial? i do eat whenever im hungy this is just the minimum ill be eating. ill try that bacon suggestion. would turkey bacon be better if cooked with olive oil? ill start snacking on cheese, although im lactose intolerant im willing to get a little drippy for some size. lol
sorry for all the questions.