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Bulking Diet. Please Critique


So I went home for dad's birthday and mom told me I looked "skinny", I was about 165 at 9% BF. I've decided I'd like to bulk up to 200 and then diet back down to say 185 or 190. I'm at 177.1 as of yesterday, but I want to make sure I'm not killing myself in the process.

I've tried to strike a balance between clean foods (milk, cheese, chicken, vegetables) and dirty (weight gainer, lasagna, etc.) BTW I know about the starbucks in the morning being total shite. I'll be looking to change it to oatmeal and a protein shake soon.

Let me know what you guys think:


Starbuck's Reduced Fat Turkey Sandwich: 320cal, 41c, 7f, 20p

Starbuck's Grande White Chocolate Mocha With Whipped Cream: 310cal, 34c, 10f, 15p

MEAL 1 TOTALS: 630cal, 75carb, 17fat, 35protein

Meal 2 (SNACK)

Cytosport Cytogainer Vanilla Shake, 4 scoops: 580cal, 79c, 5f, 54pro

Publix Whole Milk, 3 cups: 450cal, 36c, 24f, 24p

MEAL 2 TOTALS: 1030cals, 115cabs, 29fat, 78protein

Meal 3 (LUNCH)

Stouffer's Five Cheese Lasagna (Individual), 1 package: 340cal, 41c, 11f, 19p

Publix Whole Milk, 1 cup: 150cal, 12c, 8f, 8p

Jif Extra Chunky Peanut Butter, 2 tablespoons: 190cal, 7c, 16f, 7p

MEAL 3 TOTALS: 680cal, 60carbs, 35fat, 34protein


Cytosport Cytogainer Vanilla Shake, 2 scoops: 300cal, 24c, 16f, 16pro

Publix Whole Milk, 3 cups: 290cal, 40c, 3f, 27p

Cheddar Cheese, 4oz: 228cal, 1c, 19f, 14p

MEAL 4 TOTALS: 818cal, 65carbs, 38f, 57protein

Meal 5 (DINNER)

2 Chicken Breasts: 260cal, 0c, 3f, 58p

Vegetables w/ 2Tbspn Olive Oil: 244cal, 0c, 28f, 0p

MEAL 5 TOTALS: 501cal, 0carbs, 31fat, 58protein


1 scoop ON Hydrowhey: 140cal, 2c, 1f, 30p

Publix Whole Milk, 1 cup: 150cal, 12c, 8f, 8p

MEAL 6 TOTALS: 290cals, 14carbs, 9fat, 38protein


3,952 Calories | 329g Carbs | 159g Fat | 300g Protein

Using Chris Shugart's formula of (BW x 16) x 20% my desired intake is in the neigborhood of 3,400cals. I've upped it by 500 to compensate for workout volume and intensity and adjust it accordingly.

Thanks all for your input.

  1. You mention the "balance" between clean and dirty foods. To me, you really do not have a balance. I see no mention of fruits or vegetables first off, and the vast majority of your calories are liquid (milk, weight gainer, ON whey, and the starbucks).

  2. What were you doing previously? Giving a total does not really help, because if you went from 3950 calories, to 3952, then you aren't going to gain. But if you went from 3,000 to almost 4,000, well that is another story.

And just a side note. Calorie formulas are VERY flawed. They might give you something to start with, but that is about it. I sit at 6 foot 1, about 205-210 lbs. I eat just over 3000 calories a day. If I ate close to 4000 like you have here, I'd baloon like crazy. Others might need 4000 calories a day to maintain bodyweight at 160lbs. Wasn't sure if you knew this or not, just throwing it out there.


Comments in CAPS above.

Quality of Protein sources is lacking imo. Focus more on Meat for Protein, Less on Dairy and Powders.

Quality of Carb sources is lacking. Too many simple sugars not enough real food. Add rice, potatoes, fruit etc instead of coffees, gainers.

Quality of Fat sources is lacking as well. If youre bulking add healthy fats! Olive, Fish and Coconut oils should be in here. You have some polyunsaturated fats from Peanut butter but more wouldnt hurt. Add real nuts.

Plenty of Calories, but I dont think youll feel that great bulking on this diet.


This isn't the bodybuilding forum so I say go for it. You'll gain weight like this, just not all of it will be good weight exactly.


White potatoes, frozen hamburgers (85% lean 15% fat), frozen chicken breasts, and that whole milk you love so much.

Not saying theres anything wrong with it, i myself drink about 1/2 to 3/4 of a gallon a day.

But to stress a couple points already mentioned, unless you are SERIOUSLY hard pressed for time, quit drinking all your calories. Your body won't respond the way you want it to.

You will reach your goal in a lot less time if you give yourself something to work with (please refer to the first sentence of this reply)

also for breakfast try some eggs. About 5 of em. itll make you feel like superman