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Bulking Diet Plan


Height: 6ft 2
Weight: 180lbs

i am of decent size, imo...4abs show, bottom 2 slightly. but i want to pack on a bit more muscle. i will be strength training with compound weights on a tues, thurs, saturday. i also train mma on a monday and wednesday.

Bulking Diet Plan

Meal 1
Supps: Vits, 3xOmega 3tabs
65g porridge
5 eggs (2 yolks)
Spring Onions
Green Tea

Meal 2
Wholemeal bagel
1 tin tuna
1 tbsp low fat mayo
Rocket salad
Large banana

Pre workout
Super pump 250
1 large banana

3Scp Whey in Water
Creatine 5g
Glutamine 5g

Meal 3
200g Chicken / Turkey Breast
Brown/Basmati Rice/Jacket spud
Broccoli / salad
Low Fat Yogurt

Meal 4
5 rice cakes
Tin Tuna
Mug Green Tea

Meal 5
200g Chicken / Turkey / Red Meat
50g Brown Rice / Whole wheat Pasta
Veg / Salad

Meal 6
100g Cottage Cheese
2 tbsp peanut butter
Handful of almonds

& What are your guys opinions on cardio when bulking?


6'2" and 180 most would consider skinny. Hell I'm 5'8" and 192.

Cardio when bulking is fine, in my opinion some sort of conditioning should be done to maintain GPP for better workouts.

This diet sucks though. Not enough calories, not enough protein, not enough fats.


Add 'em.


EVOO is added into my diet, salads, meats etc..
ill post pics in a sec


I've noticed a trend. Every bulking diet lately has something like this:

6 egg whites (1 yolk)

You're bulking. What do you guys have against the yolks? You don't want the extra protein and calories?


Use all the yolks your saying then? all the protein is in the white right? fat in the yolks?

any other comments mate?


Yes. Instead of making yet another bulking diet thread that doesn't involve any nuances or unique situations, how's about we use the search function? There is a lot of information on this website.


The egg yolk has almost as much protein as the whites, fat, nutrients, and the extra calories you would need during a bulk. So I'm confused whenever I see a bulking diet containing only the whites. You're not the 1st.

IMO, making a super detailed plan is a waste of time when bulking. When I bulk (as I am now), I have a protein target and a calorie target. (about 350g , 4000 cal right now). I stay away from junk food and make just make sure I get enough protein and calories to gain 1 lb a week in my case.

Junk food for me would be sweets, chocolate, donuts, soda, cake, french fries, onion rings etc. I don't consider food like a fat homemade burger junk food.


how much cardio you do on a bulk?


I didn't do any planned cardio like walking on a treadmill. I live a pretty active life so I played basketball 1-2 times a week and hiked 1-2 times a week. Right now I'm rehabbing a bad knee so no cardio at all during my current bulk.

Whether you actually need cardio depends on if your gaining at all and if you're gaining too much fat. IMO, you'll probably make leaner gains with a little bit of cardio thrown in. If you can't gain weight at all even while stuffing yourself, cardio doesn't make sense. How much really depends on how you're progressing.


Good post. I've been taking a super simplified approach lately, and its doing wonders for my fat loss. I expect it will do the same for when I decide to bulk.

Here's the plan: if I want to lose weight, I eat a lot of protein and a shit ton of vegetables (raw as much as possible). When I want to gain, I eat a lot of protein and starches. Drink water, take a multi, and fish oil every day.

The real beauty of this mindset, so far, is that my stress (wrt food) has vanished. I'm not counting calories and I'm not hungry (the goal is eat vegetables till I cant eat any more). I never feel worried or deprived in the least, and I'm starting to remember that vegetables taste good as hell. I don't worry about fat as I get that from the meats and fish (and oil).

But, yes, I mostly agree with your post, I might even go so far as to say this guy shouldn't even count the protein and calories - just avoid the junk food you mention and when in doubt, eat more.


Thanks guys, i never eat junk food, ever. if i do, its a 1 off on a weekend, maybe one meal where ill take the gf out. but i still seem to gain some fat around lower stomach when bulking so i am gunna incorporate some am cardio in my plan.

the days i dont do am cardio i will do 15-20 mins treadmil action after weights.