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Bulking Diet - Opinions?


Training…Max OT style sets/reps, for 8-16 weeks alternated with Powerlifting for 8-16 weeks.

Gain fat easily, but with the right nutrition can lose it pretty easily too.

Don’t like losing my abs when bulking … it’s a mental thing I used to weigh 300lbs at 60+% body fat.

I have a hard time eating a lot of carbs because they cause me to have heartburn, ulcers, bleeding, gas, and diarrhea.

Does this look like it would work for gaining lean mass?

M1…shake - milk, whey, banana(P-57g, C-57g, F-14g)
M2…same shake
M3…similar shake, just with oatmeal in it instead of a banana
M4…Fish, salad (lettuce, tomato, EFA dressing)
M5…Chicken breast, salad (lettuce, tomato, EFA dressing)
M6…ground chuck, salad (lettuce, tomato, EFA dressing)
Bedtime - maybe a milk and whey shake.
Calories 2874, P-312g (44%), C-183g (25%), F-100g(32%)

With extra bedtime shake it changes to:
Calories 3215, P-360g (45%), C-201g (24%), F-109g (31%)

Note: I hate to eat, especially in the summer time when it’s hot. It would be hard for me to fit more food into the day.

I know whole foods are probably better for building solid muscle, but another option, especially during this hot weather would be to do this:

My pre/post workout shakes are still milk/whey/banana. My 1.5 hour postworkout shake would still be milk/whey/oatmeal.

I could manage more shakes - and just have 7 of them a day all but the first two around my workouts would contain oatmeal for complex carbs.

If I did this, my nutrition for the day would be:

Calories 3997, P-399g (39%), C-399g (39%), F-98g (22%)

Do either of these sound like muscle builders, or just get fat and keep the same puny muscles?

After writing this, I stumbled across the Berandi eating articles and it appears that option 1 fits it pretty well. If I go with lots of shakes during the hot weather I guess the last 3 or 4 will have to be whey/water/olive oil shakes.


Sounds like you’re not eating nearly enough calories to gain weight. I’m a scrawny 5’5" 120 and I’m eating 3500 calories a day to try to gain weight!

Bro, you need way more calories and if you don’t like to eat that could be a problem. I didn’t really start to pack on the weight until I loosened up on the diet a bit and stopped worrying about every little thing that I ate. I would plan on putting on a little fat if you really want to bulk, truly go through a bulking cycle, that has been my experience. If you want to gain you’ll have to get those carbs up too. Good luck.

Make sure you are really busting ass on the Max-OT work outs. The program outlines only 4 to 6 sets in a workout sometime, do make sure they are balls to the walls.

The AST website, which I assume you got the program from, also has nutrient calcs and sample diets (that Jeff and Skip use, but they are big) you may want to check out. They are a tad too supplement based in my opinion, but they are still interesting.

Thanks guys. The “bulking diet” I got fat on for 6 months was from the AST site. Too many carbs for me. I spent 6 months with abdominal pain, cramping, GI bleeding and gained about 15 pounds - all of it fat. I used their nutrition calculator. When I used the same calories, added more fat and cut the carbs, I burned the fat off easily.

I’ll just keep at it until I find the balance of carbs vs fat I can eat without too much distress and still make some gains on…while trying to gradually increase my calories for each day.

Yeah, I did get the workout from the AST site, then modified it slightly so I can hit the whole body by doing a 1 day on 1 day off routine. After 45 minutes, I have to have help changing out of my gym clothes so the intensity is definitely there.

Berardi has a calculator that estimates how many calories you’d need to gain weight after you plug in about ten pieces of info. Does anyone have the link to it for him?

I did the calculations from the articles with pencil and paper. I may have miscalculted though. I came up with almost 5000 calories a day. There is no way I can physically put that much food down. I try hard and can get a little over 3K.

i say bullshit to that hoss. its SIMPLE to make a 1000 calorie “super” shake with all kinds of good stuff in it. you can easily fit 2-3 of these between meals. Eat red meat whenever possible. Snack on nuts/peanutbutter in the later part of the day. you wanna put on some good muscle??? then EAT buddy boy


[quote]Dezz wrote:
i say bullshit to that hoss. its SIMPLE to make a 1000 calorie “super” shake with all kinds of good stuff in it. DezZ[/quote]

I thought getting my shakes up from 220 to 570 was a good start. Guess not huh?

More red meat - that’s doable, especially when winter gets here. My problem with red meat is that for me, it’s a cutting food - I get too full on it. I guess I just need to work on stretching my stomach a bit so I can hold more.

Too many carbs on the AST diet? They recommend like 30% of your diet come from carbs, fairly low by most standards.

What was your diet like when you gained all that fat? Was the food quality good?