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Bulking Diet on Cycle

How many cals above maint. would be good for someone who is 5’7 168lbs to lean bulk on this cycle. 1-10 350mg enanthate 1-4 37mg dbol. My maintenance is around 2500-2800, so I was thinking about 3500 calories, sound about right?

Is this serious? I would consider getting a little knowledge about how to eat(unless you are contest ready at 168) before you even think about steroids man.

im on hrt

[quote]cwg5757 wrote:
im on hrt[/quote]

I’m not sure exactly what the average weekly dose of test is for HRT but if you are currently on HRT then your dosage of test during cycle will need to be higher than 350mg/week, even with dbol. I’m not on HRT but many here are, they will be able to offer a solid dosage.

As far as your diet, I would aim at getting at least 4000 calories a day. Probably even more, I was your weight as a freshman in high school. At that time I was growing naturally off 4000 a day.

2500-2800 for maintenance is a broad range. On the average, you really only need roughly 250-350 extra daily calories on top of your maintenance intake to start building up tissue. But the key isn’t so much the amount, but the macronutrient breakdown.

Diets low in carbs and high in proteins and unsaturated fats (including good ol’ fashioned fish oil) will yield the best results, as far as building muscle while minimizing fat goes.