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Bulking Diet...Needing Advice.

Hello, I am 15 turning 16 this spring, 160 pounds and 5’8-5’9" and I’m at roughly 15% bodyfat.

I want to be 175+ pounds this upcoming school year, and drop my bodyfat down to 10%. I eat pretty healthy compared to the average person…but in contrast to some tnation members my typical diet is lacking. My new diet needs about 3.5-4k calories in it everyday. I’m thinkign about something like this:

Breakfast 6:30 :
3 eggs, cup of oats

Meal2 8:30 :
protein shake 40 grams, wih olive oil

meal 3 10:30 :
jerky with an apple

Meal 4 12:00 :
bagel with peanut butter ( helps get in a lot of calories

meal 5 2:00 :
20 grams protein wih oats mixed in///carrots

Workout 3:00

Meal 6 4:00 :
20 grams protein with oas mixed in

Meal 7 5:00 : whatever rents make if it’s healthy (can’t change this)

Meal 8 8:00 : 2 large glasses of milk

!0;00 bed

[quote]zephead4747 wrote:
Hello, I am 15 turning 16 this spring, 160 pounds and 5’8-5’9" and I’m at roughly 15% bodyfat.

I want to be 175+ pounds this upcoming school year, and drop my bodyfat down to 10%. [/quote]

Weight: 160
Bodyfat % : 15 (if this is indeed accurate)
Lean Body Mass : 136lbs
Fat Mass : 24lbs

Weight : 175
Bodyfat % : 10
Lean Body Mass : 157.5
Fat Mass : 17.5lbs

So, you want to lose about 6.5lbs of fat and gain about 21lbs of lean body mass. 21lbs of LEAN MASS is a lot, even though lean mass is comprised of muscle tissue, glycogen, water, and bone. I would recommend taking about 3-4 weeks and losing the 6-7 lbs of fat to put you where you need to be in terms of bodyfat, and then change up your diet to allow enough calories for maximal lean body mass gains with minimal fat gains, so that you hopefully don’t have to diet again.

Or, you could eat enough to gain mass now, and then try to diet - however, the general thinking around here is that if you are lean to begin with, you will gain more lean mass relative to fat while gaining. Ultimately its going to depend on your calorie surplus, your meal timing and your macronutrient manipulation.

What you DON’T want to happen is to put on too much fat while gaining and end up losing too much muscle while dieting it off and end up without much overall progress.

Also, I’d recommend against trying to pull both goals off simultaneously, as most likely you will make suboptimal progress towards both.

I’d make it one whole egg, 6-8 egg whites with a scoop of whey protein and some fruit, in addition to the oats.

If you can get some fish oil here too, it’d be awesome.

I don’t know your meal limitations, but I’d recommend another Protein + Fat meal, of around 50 grams of protein and 30 grams or so of fat.

Again, this is going to depend on what you’re doing at this point. It sounds as if you’re focus is gaining right now, which if so, you may want to consider following Protein + Fat or Protein + Carbs meal guidelines in order to optimize lean mass gains relative to fat gains. So either…

~50g protein/25-30g fat, low carb


~50g protein/50-70g carbs, minimal fat

I kinda like the lightness of this sort of pre-workout meal.

I’d like to see Surge and Branched Chain Amino Acids here, optimally. If you can’t do that though, go with some skim chocolate milk.

Just make sure its somewhat in line with your goals, and seeing as how this is following your workout, I’d make this meal protein and carb heavy if you can.

Try to get in some fish oil and more vegetables and fruit, and again, get your goals in line with your eating so that you making optimal progress, [i]namely that your calories are adequate for whatever goal you choose. [/i]

haha yeah… mostly these are my goals to accomplish this year. I probably am going to bulk first. I think if I keep my muscle/fat gain ratio high then I can actualy lose like a perfect or two during the bulk. I’m not interested in being a shrimpy wannabe shreded kid.

At my point my fat is helping me look bigger haha, lets say I have like 6 months starting next week. would I be able to accomplish this? How long would it take 8 months? I bulked last year and gained 35 pounds…and gained a significant amount of fat. i’d really like to avoid that again.

Instead of bagel+ peanut butter…what do you suggest?

BTW I don’ use regular amino acid pills, i jus take beta alinine pre and post workout.