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Bulking Diet, Need Help

So, im 1.76 m and 76kg (weighed naked first thing in the morning after pee), powerlifting actually using juggernaut method and im looking for advice cause i gain weight very slowly. I would like to keep it fairly lean

Protein pancakes (2 whole eggs, 75gr greek yogurt, 50gr oat flour, 15gr whey protein, 2 tsp all natural maple syrup)

Lunch (post wo on days I train)
150gr pasta with veggies
Eggs omelette (2 whole eggs, 2 slices gouda cheese, 1 slice bacon)

Sandwhich pb&j (1 tbsp all natural pb and regular jelly on whole wheat bread)

200gr meat
80gr basmati rice or baked potatoes
2 squares dark 70% chocolate as dessert

1 tbsp all natural pb

Ps. Not afraid to have cheat meals 1-2 times a week insted of regular dinner (usually pizza cause im in italy, doubles cheeseburgers and alike)

so… im trying to avoid meat except at dinner and the slice of bacon at lunch. I would try to keep it simple but change it enough to make gains.

I think that the best thing would be to start where you are and if you want to gain more, then add more calories in a day.

If you want less, then take some calories away.

Good luck!

what about your workout program?

Starting juggernaut method tomorrow actually… powerlifting training so strenght and mass are the goals