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Bulking diet + high carbs


I decided I wanted to switch up my diet a little bit since I'm bulking, lifting 4x a week, and baseball practice 5x a week. Would there be potential downfalls to a ~200-250g carb, 300-350g protein, 50-60g fat diet if they came from the proper sources? Planning on supplementing with EFAs, as well. I've read that some people have a better experience bulking if they drop the fat and increase carbs, then opposite to cut.


What's your bodyfat %?



At times you seem very well read and knowledgeable.

And other times you seem to revert back to the land of Newbiedom.

I think you're suffering paralysis by analysis.

You should know by now that the answer to this question is gonna be.."Try it for yourself and see."

Eat enough to perform. Experiment with different macronutrient ratios to find the ones that work for your own individual situation.


2700-2800 calories doesn't sound like much for someone playing baseball that often and working out too! What are your stats? You know, there's a motherload of articles on here about diet, but the one thing they can't tell you is how to listen to your body. So try your little plan there and see how you feel. If you are not feeling the pump during your workouts and don't have high energy for your games, your not eating enough carbs. If your skin is getting dry and/or sex drive is low, then you may need more fats. Protein usually isn't a problem if you're getting 1g/lb or so. So just start somewhere and then start LISTENING and ADJUSTING. Oh yeah, and you should be getting stronger each week for bulking too. Good Luck!


Aren't you 15? Why are you on a bulking cycle at 15?


Whoopee! Just checked my BF on a Tanita scale, says 11%. I'll sleep easier.


Please start eating...
It's not too hard, if you are in the 11% are on a tanita scale you can bulk away without worries.
It's simply:
Am I gaining weight?
If not: eat more!
If I am gaining weight, how much fat?
If you are gaining too much fat, lower carbs or choose better food sources, timing etc. (you know these variables).

Btw. the numbers you suggested there are NOT high carb...
Damn what's up with the carbophobia on this site...?
Even Berardi, the man who brought us P+F meals and glucose tolerance tests
Suggested you should determine your own insulin sensitivity, activity level and go from there.
In the original Massive eating article he suggests up to:
"Diet with 50% carbs, 25% protein, and 15% fat"
Depending on insulin sensitivity.

The reason people on this board sometimes get frustrated with your questions is that you will never make any real progress. And for some odd reason (we do care) your success is important to us.
You will never progress because you fail in the most important area of the equation: Eating, Consistency, Honest evaluation of your own progress and a willingness to make the appropriate adjustments.
If you where to read anything on this site read this:

"In reality, the specifics of the training program aren't the problem. Their problem is they eat like ten year old girls and expect to look like T-men."

No wait don't just read it, understand, integrate and follow through on this!
Loosing fat is easy, just go on t-dawg 2.0 eat hot roxx and get shredded. Forger about gaining while in single digit body fat area, It ain't gonna happen.

Sincerely Poul


LoneLobo. stand up, get you mum and make her slap you in the face.
You are 15. The next 3 years of your life are "bulking". Too much thinking not enuf doing...
try different things, massive eating in my mind is the shizzle, my nizzle, so try it (it is called massive eating for a reason), then try the anabolic diet etc etc, just do something. . read this weeks article on ME and the two previous ones. When i was your age i was eating 1500kcal for breakfast, literally, and over 4000kcal every day. i was still a skinny mutha when i left school. Why? Too much other exercise (waterpolo athletics rugby swimming etc).
You seem to know the basics its just a matter of implementing them.


tanita scale, what the fuck?!?!
Why oh why do you have one of those for... shit is money burning a hole in your pocket?


You shouldn't even be counting calories. You're overcomplicating things. It is actually very simple to put on weight, nothing could be easier. Protein is what builds muscle, so make sure each and every meal is LOADED with protein and by that I mean protein with high growth factors, not some whey protein crap. And don't fall into the "you can only absorb 30g protein at a time" crap, you will never get enough protein this way. Make sure every meal has many sources of fat, the only exception could be your post-workout meal. By many sources I mean: saturated, monounsaturated and least important, polyunsaturated. The only fat you should not be getting is transfat, but these are mostly found in processed foods which you shouldn't be eating anyhow. Your most important fats are those found in red meats, cream, butter, cheese, olive oil, cashews, almonds...get the picture? Just eat lots of these "healthy" foods and stay away from junk food. If you do this, there really is very little chance of overeating, but if you start worrying about counting calories, then it is easy to undereat. That wouldn't be good in your case, so eat all the healthy choices of food you desire. If for some reason you don't have much of an appetite, then look into ways of stimulating it. Acidic juices such as lemon juice or apple cider vinegar work well to stimulate the appetite. Just drink a few ounces of each before meals and that should get you eating bigtime. I won't even get into carbs because I feel most people get enough carbs and this is not the problem with putting on weight, the problem usually lies with the lack of protein and fats. These are the foods that will really get you growing if you eat enough of them. I believe you used to have an eating disorder if I'm not mistaken. Please do everything in your power to deal with this, don't just leave it hanging in the back of your mind. You must resolve this with a professional if possible, or with a peer group, but it must be resolved if you want to be successful in your training pursuits.


WTF lobo? Wasn't it hammered into your head in the photo thread that the tanita is a peice of shit? If it wasn't, consider this: they are about as accurate as Dr. Phil.

I'm a pear, what are you?

I agree with everything that's been posted for the most part, but newdamage in particular. Try it out and experiment with it.

BTW, how are your numbers doing? What's your body weight up to?


I seem to be getting some mixed messages here. It seems like you guys are alternately saying "Try new diet stuff" and then "If you do that, you'll kill yourself/come to an untimely end/grow muscles like a six year old/look like a six year old/have to change your name and move"

BTW, those numbers are for a non-lifting day. I figure on a day that I lift, I'll have an extra 500-600 calories.

Body weight is 132-134 now, um from like 115 at the start of winter HS sports season, which was like november/december. Around january, my bench max was 140. In my last chest routine of Phase 2 Superstrength, I hit 135x7, w/o a spotter. I can now comfortably row 115 for 7-8 reps, squat 125 full ROM x6 (ass to grass), figuring ~180 to parallel, pull about 180 x 5-6. I have no idea how much I curl or anything like that, haven't done a biceps curl in ages.

As a final note, my mom bought the Tanita scale. Who'm I to tell her no? She uses it, I just thought I would hop on.


Suggest you chek all the previous threads you have started an start counting how many times people her have told you to forget your fat% and start eating and lifting. It will tell you everything you need to know.
Hope you'll get it.
I'm done trying to help you. -too frustrating.
You have to choose to truly listen before you'll ever get it :confused:
Good luck in reaching your goals