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Bulking Diet Help?

I am currently doing a 5x5 type program using ABBH program antagonistic muscle pairing. but I will be starting the 12 weeks to maximal size program as soon as I get below 10% BF, I am at 12% right now. I have been using JB’s massive eating gudelines with Breakfast and Postworkout carbs only. I am not in a rush to drop the weight so my cals are a bit above JB’s Don’t Diet program. I currently weigh 170 at 5’ 11" my problem is, everytime I try to add more carbs to my diet >200 I seem to gain alot of fat (even on Mag-10). Has anyone here tried 4-AD-EC or Mag for bulking with just breakfast and pre/post wo recovery drink like surge with added carbs and then returning to P/F meals an hour or two later. Any advice as to how to go about this 8-12 week growth cycle with minimal fat gain would be greatly appreciated.

eat more food.

I am not failing to eat enough food I always eat between 6-7 times a day and shoot for 500-800 cals per meal. I know I am a lightweight but due to my obesity in my teenage years I seem to gain fat incredibly fast with excess carbs. But thanks for the helpfull advice…