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Bulking: Diet Help?


im currently 173 lbs and am trying to put on as much quality weight as possible..
my current diet looks like this:
meal 1: 6 egg whites, 1 whole egg, one bowl of oats(35 grams)
meal 2: 2 scoops whey w/ water, a handful of mixed nuts
meal 3: 1 cup brown rice, large chicken breast
meal 4(pre-workout): 1.5 scoops whey w/ water, 50 grams karbolyn
meal 5(post-workout): 2 scoops whey w/ water, 2 packets of oats (60 grams)
meal 6: large chicken breast, half cup brown rice
meal 7: chicken or tilapia, green beans

what should i change?
i workout 6 days a week with LIGHT cardio in tha morning or night
any help would be appreciated!


I'd suggest adding some more simple carbs to your pre and post workout meals. Add some type of fruit to spike your insulin levels which will prevent muscle breakdown. These are the most important time periods for this. Check out the article on insulin that was posted a couple days ago. I would also add some fat to your final meal, 1T of peanut butter and some walnuts. Also, Id suggest dropping cardio completely down to a couple days a week only. Finally, training 6 days a week may be too often for bulking, keep an eye out for signs of overtraining. The only time you can grow is when your not in the gym.



How tall are you? Do you do cardio 6 days a week? Whats your daily calories? Aside from the greenbeans..weres the veggies? Do you like milk? Why all the chicken? Save that for cutting unless you just love chicken? Do you like burger? Do you live under a bridge? Are you a troll? Are you sure you want to bulk? Your diet say cut!


nice 20g of protein for breakfast dweeb
go read ripptoes latest article on this site


well this is a plan im trying to critique for the whole cycle, ive been doin cardio 3 days a week on the stairs for 20-30 min in the morning mon wed and thurs. im 5'11, and idk why but i actually do just really like chicken. yeah i can drink milk, and where should i make changes in order to see quality gains?


pugh4114: well the oats should be simple, the ones i use for post workout are the sugar filled ones. would that be enough to spike insulin or would you still recommend more?


where do you get 20g from?


Milk in your shakes instead of water. All whole eggs. Double everything.


double everything?


Quit doing cardio or at least as much
Actually count your total calories and see how each macro breaks down
Weigh yourself once a week
Up the cals and prolly protein gradually until you start to gain.

Send money orders and checks to...
Or just give me your ss# and bank acc # I'll take care of the rest


Yup. Add in some fat in the last meal. don't do the cardio fasted(some light cardio isnt bad for keeping the fat gain down, but fasted cardio isn't a great idea while you're trying to build muscle). Dial the lifting back to 3 or 4 days a week so you can recover (you grow outside the gym, not in it)

If you want to gain, you have to eat a lot. As long as you're not using this as an excuse to inhale donuts and ice cream every day, and you do light cardio a few days a week, you shouldnt have a ton of fat gain.


Oats with added sugar may be enough, Id suggest something with a higher GI, and have seen a lot of diets suggesting baked potatoes + protein for a post workout meal. Like a lot of people have said, figure out your baseline caloric needs based on your weight, figure out how much your taking in now and start adding in food at each meal to get ~100 more calories/meal. Your diet is too clean and looks a lot like a cutting diet than a growing diet. Youll end up storing some fat, but thats ok. Cut back if you can no longer see your abs. Keep this diet around for when your ready to cut up and lean out.


omega 3's?


yeah, i understand a little fat gain is inevitable but i just need to see a little abs while still gaining

but thanks, this is really helpful


yeah, im takin omega 3's 3 or 4 times with meals


I think this might be a good read for you:


There are easier ways to gain than to stick to "traditional" bodybuilding foods such as egg whites, chicken, and rice. Eat steak, drink milk (if you are not lactose intolerant), eat whole eggs, baked potatoes instead of rice, etc. If you are only 173 pounds not only will these "less-clean" foods be easier to eat, but they will likely help you reach your bulking goal quicker.

Dan John also has a good book out right now, "Mass Made Simple". You might want to check that out.


alright, ill take a look at both of those. appreciate the all help


OP emphasized that his cardio is "LIGHT," so if this means he's taking brisk walks every morning, I don't believe it will interfere with any gains as long as he's making up for the few extra calories burned.


agreed. you dont need the abs all the time. there is another article on here on dave tate bulking and cutting. read that while your at it.


Be honest about the cardio, with yourself of course. I had to dial it back a lot to gain when I was in your shoes (at 5'9"). If that's not an issue, then really focus on your recovery.

I think the best thing for me during my bulk this year (started august) has been missing sessions in the gym, that were planned. That put me around 3-4 sessions per week which would be slightly higher volume than planned to 'make up' for the lost sessions. This just meant more volume and more recovery, which seemed to work well.

Like everyone else said: Keep the yolks. Just with your breakfast you are tossing out about half the protein by dumping the eggs, and losing about 40cal per yolk of lovely test boosting goodness.

After training I tend to lose my apatite for a good hour or so, so I started using a higher calorie shake during my workout. I get at least 500cal of dextrose:whey (about 3:2).

Lastly, don't be afraid of fats man. If it helps, here's what my day looks like:
M1-8 eggs, whole + 1.5tbsp butter,
.25c oats + ~3T coconut milk,
coffee +milk (1qt milk after breakfast)

M2-8oz Chicken (I cook a whole one, so I mix up what parts i'll eat)
brocc and asparagus+ 1T each of coconut, olive oil and butter

whole milk yogurt+berries. bacteria+fruit can't be bad, so why not, right?

M4- 1.5c "nutrient rice", rice I cook up in broth plus the nasty parts (kidneys, hearts, etc) from the whole chicken
8oz chicken
5g luecine+greens
1qt milk

M5- 1c rice+4oz chicken

peri-shake ~75gC, 50gP

M6-pasta, varies from 200-600cal
1qt milk

M7 milkshake (bp, coconut milk, milk, berries, whey) or omelet. +ZMA

At first it was shitty, but youll get used to it. just don't be too full to lift. Eat till it hurts, recover more, take fish oil and you should be good to go.