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Bulking Diet Help Please


hey guys just wondering if my diet here im going to try is good enough? and if not help with it? NO NEGATIVE CRITISISUM!!

Meal#1 - 3 eggs
- cup of oatmeal
- 8oz milk

Meal#2 - Cup of veggies
- Tuna sandwich on whole grain
- cup of penuts/almonds

Meal #3 - Protein shake
- bananna
- 8cm cheese

Meal #4 - 1 cup pasta
- cottage cheese

Meal #5 - 1 cup brown rice with hamburger
- gran bar

Meal#6 - tuyrkey sandwich on rye
- fruit
- nuts

Meal #7 - baked potato
- cup veggies
- 3cm cheese

Meal #8 protein shake with bananna

and the supplements im thinking of trying are - glutamine
- Creatine
- multivitamin
- a testostorone booster , id like to know what is the best supplements for bulking??


your currrent bf? your weight?


i am 178lbs at 10% Bf


Looks like a reasonable surplus to me. Don't know what you're intending for peri-workout nutrition. Get the numbers for your calories and macros. As always don't bulk to hard if it's not necessary. Oh, and just know that meal frequency doesn't have to be so high unless you can't get your needed values in otherwise.


you havent listed calories and portion sizes but it looks ok

Maybe clean it up a little - ie. steak instead of burger

I assume you're eating the cheese for some fat in your diet, maybe think about subbing that for some natural peanut butter, tastes delicious and gives some good mono-unsaturates

If you do insist on cheese, i know i like some now and again

opt for continental, ie french cheese

studies have shown because they come from grass-fed cows the nutrient values tend to be a lot higher for almost everything from calcium, omega 3's to CLA etc...

as far as supplementation goes it looks ok, not directly related to mass gain but i'd add an omega 3 fish oil supp just for the enormous amount of health benifits that come with it.

if you want a bulk specific supp - get a blender and just mix whey, oats, raw milk (if you can get it) the standard supermarket stuff is poisin IMO and peanut butter and blend away. I chuck in a banana for good measure or any fruit of your choice. Buying the pre-packaged stuff is just a waste of money and they pack loads of shitty sugars and sat fats in.