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Bulking Diet for Ultra Fast Metabolism


First of all i would like to say hi im a new member :slightly_smiling:

Im 18 years old, around 159 lbs and im 5 10. My metabolism is ULTRA FAST and I've been trying really hard to have a good bulking diet.I've been lifting since I was a freshman in highschool but only recently have i made decent gains

Some of my big lifts are

205 bench
75 lb db press for 5x5 and 80lbs on the last set
315 max deadlift but im going for 405 by the end of the summer ( im repping with 270 for 5x5 and then hitting 315 AFTER that so i cant be too far from 405)
855 leg press for 20 reps

BUT, the major problem i have is im allergic to whey and basically anything dairy. And ya, found that out the hard way with one nice gulp of isopure. Before that I always thought it was a lactose thing but i stayed away from most dairy because it would make my throat itch. Isopure however, nearly killed me.

My normal diet looks something like this


5-6 eggs
1 bagel


Post workout
1 scoop ON egg protien


Usually a foot long turkey sub or a sandwich with a HUGE amount of turkey

More turkey 4-5 thick slices (i love the stuff i eat about .5 to 1 lb a day just as a snack)
maybe some junk like these mini doughnuts

2 chicken breasts

1 scoop ON egg protien

Late night snack
2 bagels and a fruit

What i would really like to know is what would be a good replacement for milk, I cant use any type of gainer powder and my weight has been stuck at 159 for a good 5 months. Im still making strength gains in some areas but i would like my upper body to improve.

Any tips on some good non dairy bulking foods would be appreciated,



You're not eating enough.
Go to the beginners section.


will do but i really dont know how much more i could eat


That right there will defeat you. It's like you've already setup your mind that, "This as much as I can eat," and so you do. Not trying to be a dick or anything but having the mentality of I NEED to eat to get to where I want will do you wonders.

In regards to the diet, I would say too little everything. Really. ONE scoop of egg protein after a workout? HOw about 2 with a about a big ass glass of juice? Just double everything maybe if you can?

As for a non-dairy source of protein, try REAL meat like ground beef or turkey or even canned tuna. Simple, quick to cook (if needed), and easy to season (God knows food gets "boring" sometimes if you're bulking hard). If you can afford it, maybe get Gemma protein which is made from pea protein as a non-dairy pro. powder.

Hope that helps.

Gawd I hope you're not a troll... lol



First off I saw no oats in there. Get some carbs!

Ground beef is your friend.

You could always go the mixed nuts/olive oil route too.

One hand full of mixed nuts (at least for me) is about 1.75-2oz and roughly 300 cals. That's nothing.

Do a hand full of nuts, and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Can you say about 600 extra cals a day?


k thanks for the advice, how many containers of protein powder do you guys go through a month? I try to keep it at 1 container a month right now. The nuts and olive oil sounds like a really good idea to get some extra calories I guess I just need to find some easy ways like the to up my calories.



Beef in general will help you bulk up period.

Take some olive oil shots and add more healthy fats like natural peanut butter and mixed nuts in your diet and you should start to see some improvements.


thanks, do you think adding some bacon would be bad? Im making a trip to publix after the gym to pick up some stuff.

Ground Beef
Olive Oil


Look man. I don't know how old you are, but you're obviously a n00b at this. And i know this because you're doing the same mistakes I made (not saying that I'm not a n00b anymore. But I learned a few things already).

Seriously, go read the beginners section and ask questions there. Ppl will be more than happy to answer you there and/or point you in the right direction


yep you hit it spot on jcaesar :P. I never really tried much in the way of a planned diet. I just tried to eat a TON which obviously hasn't worked. I just found the beginners bulk article and I'd have to say thats probably the best place to start.

And btw im 18


I came to conclusion that you didn't read his first post saying he was 18 and just decided to make a comment.

To the original poster if you have the money look into buying buffalo meat. It's a lean meat and tastes incredible. Also if you have friends whose Dad hunts look into possibly buying meat from them. My cousins Dad hunts and I get deer meat from him.


And I came to a conclusion that you like conclusions.
So in conclusion i'm concluding that I came to a conclusion that this might be another troll but I chose to give him a benefit of the doubt and responded in a matter that applies whether i conclude that he's a troll or actually interested.
I stopped him from getting distracted and shat on by others, plus pointed him in the right direction.
Forgot to sugarcoat it. Ma' bad


I have concluded that I like your concluding type style of concluding thinking.




You call that fast metabolism ??? I have one, I'm 190ish pounds and to gain like one pounds a month I ust eat

3 cups oatmeal
3 scoop whey

Workout, during 2 scoop whey

5 eggs sandwich (10 pieces of breads and 8 eggs)

Salmon with 2 TBSP peanut butter

6 Eggs with veg juice with added vit C

6 Eggs with veg juice with added vit C

Salmon with 2 TBSP peanut butter and 30 grams of fish oils

You think you are bloat ? LOL


Change your breakfast

Egg protein or whole raw eggs
Ground oats
Peanut butter
Any flavouring if desired.

All in a blender and neck it = instant mass

Liquid calories are by far the easiest to ingest.

oh and x 2 on the add olive oil and nuts

1tbsp of EVOO = 135 calories with very little volume. Add one to every meal = 810 calories


Fuzzy....I like where your head is at. But when your giving someone advice; unless you know them pretty well, try and keep it general.

I've never seen or had access to buffalo meat, neither has anyone I know of. So that's a pretty "left-field" idea to throw out there. Also, asking if a friends' dad hunts is pretty weird too lol.

Not trying to be too harsh....just some "fyi" action.

Original Poster, your just plain not eating enough. I too am lactose intolerant and have been able to gain 30lbs in the last year. Granted you say you have a fast(er) metabolism so it might be a bit tougher.

Drink some lactaid WHOLE MILK. Aim for a gallon a week (if not more)
Add oil to your veggies
Have shots of oil washed down with cold water.
Don't rely too heavily on protein shakes, a tub a month is ok.
Bacon is fine, and tasty.
Carbs are best taken in the first 2/3 of your day, in large quantities.
-sweet potatoes
-the list goes on and on

It seems to me that your brain is limiting you. Read the "beginner" stickies (the threads at the top). There is a thread there SPECIFICALLY to newbs that want to "bulk". Read through as much of that as you can. The author "RITJared" is a close friend of mine and he has some great ideas in there.



Ask anyone who has grown signifigantly and they will tell you stories of sitting down and eating past the point of feeling full and just, eating to get it in. I was complaining to two friends a couple of months ago about how i was sick of always eating trying to get 4000 calories of relatively clean food in day after day when my 6'2 115kg mate laughed and said try and get 6000 in!!


Brock, im not lactose intolerant im allergic to whey. Basically if i have any dairy my throat gets very irritated and if im dumb enough to trust someone at LA fitness to make my shake WITHOUT whey...well i almost die. But the rest of your advice is really helpful

I started reading that article by RITjared and i guess im just gonna have to eat past that point of fullness. What sucks is im a really slow eater, taking in all this food takes FOREVER.

I just had about a 800+ calorie breakfast of eggs,sausage, and juice. In about 2.5 hrs im gonna make some oatmeal and fruit with a olive oil shot.

Im gonna try to log my calories, seems thats the best way to go about this.


It will get easier to eat. I had a real tough time eating every 2-3 hours. I walked around feeling like I just ate Thanksgiving dinner all day.