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bulking diet for a fat guy? different?

i did weigh 180 lbs and was fat.
I cut down to 160 lbs. I am defined and have low fat most places, except my gut.

I CAN’T CUT ANYMORE!!! I am too small now!!
Gut or no gut, it is time to bulk. Once I am bigger, the gut should melt easier…right?

So my question:
Most bulk cycles assume you already have a low body fat percentage. If you have a higher body fat percentage and want to bulk, how should the bulk diet be modified?
Should it be modified? Should I keep cutting to loose the gut then bulk…?


MAG-10, protein, cardio and iron. Slowly, very slowly, you can cut and bulk.

How tall are you? Any body composition information? You can definately bulk, but you might have to be more controlled with your eating. You won’t be able to tolerate a caloric level that is way above maintenance for long without significant fat gain. Another choice would be to use a zig zag method. Eat high cals for 3-4 days followed by 1-2 days of below maintenance eating. This is more of a long term approach, but works well for those who are prone to accumulating a lot of fat.

I am 5 foot 7. Body type… endo I would say. I have a hard time loosing fat, but can gain it easily.
by more controled do you mean lower fat? or lower overall cals? If the typical diet aims for 3000 cals, i should aim for 2500 kind of idea?
I am avoiding cardio to help gains, perhaps I should still include it.
thx again

Don’t avoid cardio. It could be the ticket to your success. I’d stick with a 4 day lifting split with 20-30 minutes of cardio thrown in after your workouts. Do some interval sessions and some more moderate sessions.

As for calorie recommendations, eat just above maintenance (like 250-500) calories and keep track of changes to your body composition. Adjust calories up or down to get to make sure you are gaining or losing the right kind of weight.

As for what to eat, I don't know if you will do better on higher carbs or fat. I would start with an isocaloric breakdown and go from there. Make sure to eat Massive Eating style. Read the Essential Berardi article in issue 199 for more details.

Like Jason said, zig zag is one way. You don’t drink beer do you? I don’t think that 3000 will be too much for you. I would also stay away from cardio still. Another approach could be to shorten your bulking phase and and alternate your cutting phase on more regular intervals. That way you can get gains, and you won’t put on too much fat. What is your goal also.If you go back to 180 then back to 160 then you are just going to be the same, just a little more defined. But if you go to 180 then 170 then to 190 then you could be around 175 180 but leaner. Just figure out your goal then go from there.

What is your bodyfat? I used to be real fat and even when I get to a lower bodyfat, I can not get rid of my lovehandles or lower stomach. It might be something you have to live with. I hate to tell you that but it may be true. If your bodyfat is not low then it is very possible that you could lose that fat. I also agree with Jason about eating a little above maintenance to bulk. I am 5’7 and 164 and I do better with increasing cals by 200-500 over maintenance. If I increase cals too much than I put on too much fat. Don’t stop the cardio also. I am able to sprint and still put on muscle.

my goal is 180 and ripped. IF not, then more and ripped. My plan is to go up 20-25, down 10 repeat, as sugested.
I avoid beer all week…but I do have some (ocasionaly many) on weekends (every second weekend). Does beer effect the gut that much ? Does all alcohol or just beer?

The slow way is the method I have used so far. up 2 down 1 etc etc… Right now I have reached the point where I am ready for a BIG change, if it means gaining 20 lbs with 1/3 fat… i will do it as long as ppl think it makes sence.

You definitely should be eating Massive Eating style. But I would only go above maintenance calories on the days you work out. On your off days, I would eat maintenance or slightly lower. I would do cardio just like John Berardi says in his articles. I would strongly suggest you read Massive Eating articles over again. I would suggest you take Mag-10. And if you’re really scared that you’re gonna gain fat on this…you might want to stay on MD6 and T2-Pro while bulking…ephedrine is known to give a nutrient partitioning effect…and since you really don’t have to cycle off T2-Pro, it will help keep your metabolism in high gear and help prevent you from adding any extra fat.

BF% is around 15%
i re-read massive eating and will try to use that logic.

i also read the article on T-levels and booze…wow… wonder if that is my main problem.
Sacrifice everything…except for the occasional night out…looks like that will have to go also.