Bulking Diet, 2-a-Day Workouts

A friend was kind enough to loan me a book called the “Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition”. It’s a well-written book with lots of citations to published studies and other sources. The book talked about both carbohydrate intake pre-workout AND replenishing your glycogen stores immediately post workout.

My issue is that I hit the gym twice a day. So let’s say for example I hit the gym from 1-2PM for Chest and Triceps and then again from 5-6PM for Legs. My thinking is…

Early morning - Complex carbs, low-med GI (oats, wheat toast, etc)
Late morning/noon - Higher GI carbs
Afternoon Workout
Post-workout - High GI carbs
Second workout

I need about 540g of carbs per day (for workout days) and ~240g of that is supposed to be pre-workout. Not sure how to structure my day after my PWO shake and meal, though… considering that I will be in the gym again in 3 hours and then in bed 4-5 hours after that.

Not sure what you are asking. Just eat? Have two peri WO shakes? What does going to bed have to do with anything?

Seriously, it’s not rocket surgery. Eat when hungry, have your shakes if you want to, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Hes asking how he should structure his peri workout nutrition considering hes working out twice a day. I would say just have your carbs pre and post for both workouts, and dont have too many other carbs during other parts of the day. Im not an expert on the subject though.

I would limit the high GI carbs to just before, during, and just after your workouts. Take a bottle of a high-GI carb mixture with you on your workouts so you will be sure not to miss the critical window. This is especially important if you plan to work out later in the day. After your last workout, have a good meal with some good complex carbs.

This assumes, of course, that your plan is to add mass.

And by the way, wheat toast is NOT a low-med GI carb despite what you may have read or been told.